Technical engineer at NRGene

Technical Engineer (TE) – EMEA & APAC is responsible to lead technical aspects related to business transactions in this given region. Located in Israel, TE EMEA & APAC will report to GM EMEA & APAC TE EMEA & APAC will need to familiarize himself/herself deeply with the technology, and offer support as part of the efforts to help close business transactions for the company. Furthermore, TE EMEA & APAC will assist in training both customers and/or sales staff (whether internal and/or at Channel level) and will need to be up to date with all aspects of the product offered by NRGene.  TE EMEA & APAC will thus need to work closely with the Product Team to ensure all information is in sync with the latter team. 
About the Company:

NRGene is a cloud-based genomics big-data solution provider whose applications include medical research as well as plant and animal breeding. Our solutions have reduced genome mapping and assembly from years and millions of dollars to a turnkey technology requiring a few weeks at a small fraction of the cost. With our interdisciplinary team of bioinformaticians, geneticists and breeders, NRGene is continuously refining our big data tools for advanced genomic research, revealing diversity in medical research as well as plant and animal breeding. Our unique advanced computational tools and cutting-edge algorithmic models have been adopted by some of the world’s leading seed companies, pharmaceutical companies, and academic institutions. To date we have assembled and compared hundreds of genomes of more than 300 different organisms, including the world’s first wheat genome, a feat previously considered all but impossible due to its large size. Other successful projects include maize, soy, tomato, cattle, and rainbow trout. As research now moves towards the era of pan-genomics, our platforms can analyze, synchronize, and share genomic data across hundreds of individuals, making them applicable for human genetic research and personalized medicine.

Duties and Responsibilities:

•    Support sales with technical discussions and support of sales efforts.
•    Participating scientific conventions and symposia to present NRGene’s technology and results.
•    Providing counselling services to breeding companies and researchers.  
•    Provide product trainings held on-line and on-site of the customer. 
•    Ability to travel to different regions and lead seminars and technological discussions. . 

•    Good communication skills. Superior interdisciplinary communication and listening skills to interface with customers. 
•    MSc/PhD in Molecular Biology or Genomics / Bioinformatics  
•    Expertise in sales support of multi discipline systems.
•    Ability to adapt to a dynamic changing environment and multitask. Able to deliver in stressful situations.
•    Demonstrated leadership qualities and managerial skills.
•    Proven employee coaching and development skills.
•    Strong presentational skills.
•    Excellent interpersonal skills and verbal communications. 
•    Ability to read and comprehend instructions and information
•    Strong command of Office, Excel and handling (CRM company platform)
•    Travel time: 30-40%