Mr. David Ginsburg

Apr 20, 1912 — May 24, 2010

David Ginsburg (member since 1964) was one of the founders of the Institute, had a huge contribution to the success of the Weizmann Institute from its earliest days. David was devoted to the Jewish People, the State of Israel and to the Weizmann Institute of Science for over six decades. As one of Washington's brilliant lawyers, his legal advice and advocacy during the crucial weeks preceding the United States Government's recognition of the new State of Israel were essential to the establishment of country. In the years following statehood he continued to be intimately involved in issues relating to Israel's economic well-being and security. His allegiance to the Weizmann Institute has been expressed in manifold ways. One of his most significant acts on behalf of the Institute was his help in negotiating with the US government a long-term loan that ultimately became a gift. It was thanks to this loan that the Institute could undertake in the early sixties, the extensive expansion and upgrading that transformed the campus into a world-class research institution. David was also very instrumental in obtaining assistance for the Institute's Feinberg Graduate School from American schools and hospitals abroad. His wisdom, integrity, goodwill and expertise have been a blessing to the Weizmann Institute of Science since its early days. The Weizmann Institute of science deeply mourns his loss.