Mr. Maurizio M. Dwek

May 01, 1932 — Jul 31, 2013

Maurice (Maurizio) Dwek has passed away after a long struggle with leukemia. A prominent and distinguished member of the Weizmann family, his influence on campus has been so great, both in time and in scope, that the ripples of his abundant activities will be felt for many years to come. As a true supporter of the Weizmann Institute, he used his immeasurable ties in the European business and Jewish world to promote the Weizmann Institute among his many acquaintances and colleagues, thereby strengthening the standing of the Institute in Europe and attracting to the Weizmann family many invaluable friends. As a Patron of the Institute, he is most known for establishing, together with his brother, Solo, the Dwek Campus Center and, most recently, the Solo Dwek and Maurizio Dwek Research School of Chemical Science. His generosity has ensured that his influence on campus will continue for years to come through the many chemistry students that study at the Feinberg Graduate School and the many Institute staff and scientists to use the services provided by the Dwek Campus Center. As long-time member of the International Board and the Executive Board, he took every opportunity to apply his remarkable professional acumen to the Institute's service. He both founded and was the moving spirit behind Pamot, the Institute's capital venture initiative, and assumed responsibility for the chairmanship of the Institute's European Committee, which he skillfully led for many years. With his distinctive modesty and rare and unassuming sensitivity, he has offered selflessly of his expertise and wisdom and has played a cardinal role in helping secure this Institute's financial future. Words cannot express how deeply grateful the Institute is for everything Maurice had done for us for so many years; the time devoted, the money contributed, the energy expended, and the love and care exhibited ? and always so generously and with an open mind and heart. And to me, personally, this is heavy blow. I will miss his ever-reliable advice and stewardship, which has proven invaluable time and again. I will miss even more his warm and engaging personality, which was very welcome on my visits to Europe and, of course, a delight during his stays on campus. Janet, Julian, Solo, Jeannette, and the rest of the Dwek family, I extend to you all, on behalf of the staff and scientists of the Weizmann Institute, the members of the International Board, and the entire Weizmann family, my condolences for your immeasurable loss. Know that we are here for you in any way possible, and that we will carry Maurice in our hearts wherever we go.

Prof. Daniel Zajfman