Mr. Gershon Kekst

Oct 12, 1934 — Mar 17, 2017

Gershon Kekst, Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Governors of the Weizmann Institute of Science, passed away on Friday, March 17, at the age of 82.

Gershon was born and raised in Salem, Massachusetts, and educated at the University of Maryland. He was founder of the prominent and successful financial public relations firm, Kekst and Company, where he remained at the top of his field for four decades. He was a pioneer in the generally new field of using public relations techniques to influence financial transactions.

In addition to his long career in business, Gershon Kekst was known for his passion for philanthropy. He used his experience and skills for the promotion of causes close to his heart. He invested his time and effort and went above and beyond by recruiting his friends and clients to support these causes as well. Gershon served as a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, as a Member of the Board of Trustees of Brandeis University, and as Chairman of the Board of The Jewish Theological Seminary.

At the Weizmann Institute, he served as Chairman of the Board of Governors from 1993-2002, and was elected as a Life Member of the International Board. He and his wife Carol were generous supporters of the Weizmann Institute on various fronts including the Gershon Kekst Professorial Chair, and the Kekst Family Institute for Medical Genetics. In 1995, we were proud to honor him as a recipient of the Institute’s PhD honoris causa.

Gershon will truly stand out as a model for future generations for his many triumphs and achievements. He was a warm, intelligent person—a true leader and a consummate professional. We are deeply grateful for all that he has contributed over the years, and he leaves a significant legacy for those who will find inspiration in his example.

It is always difficult to say goodbye to such a wonderful person and dear friend. He will be missed by all who knew him. On behalf of the Weizmann Institute, the members of the International Board, and the entire Weizmann Institute family, we extend to all of the Kekst family my condolences for their loss.