Mr. Michael Jacobs

— Nov 16, 2009

Michael Jacobs first heard about the Weizmann Institute in the summer of 2005, when one of his friends attended the Weizmann Lecture at the Royal Institute given by Prof. Yair Reisner, who talked about growing kidney tissue from Stem Cells. Michael Jacobs, who suffers from a hereditary kidney disease and has lived on hemodialysis for over 20 years, was invited to the Institute in November 2005 to meet with Prof. Reisner - who heads the department of Immunology at the Institute and his colleagues. During his visit Mike generously agreed to endow a professorial chair to support the research of Professor Ronen Alon from the department of Immunology. The chair was named the Linda Jacobs Professorial Chair in Immune and Stem Cell Research - in memory of Mike's late wife. Since then Mike has been very much involved in the activities of Weizmann UK and has also kindly agreed to fund a special program for Ph.D?s for MD?s from various hospitals around Israel at the Weizmann Institute of Science, thus bridging an important gap between basic academic research and practical medical application. Michael was a dear friend and an esteemed Board Member. He will be sorely missed.