We perform experimental basic research on physical properties and chemical processes at the solid/liquid and solid/gas interfaces.

We develop and use a variety of techniques including AFM, XPS, XAS, FTIR, STM, Raman, etc. that are specially adapted for our purposes. We are especially interested in the interaction of small molecules (water, hydrogen, oxygen, alcohols, carbon monoxide and dioxide) with model catalyst and electrode surfaces. These include transition metals, metal oxides, and carbon materials.

We are always interested in having new, dynamic, and enthusiastic graduate students and postdocs join the lab. Please contact us for more information on our projects. 

Latest News:

March 2021: Everything you wanted to know about the methanol clusters on copper surfaces, and were afraid to ask. Check our paper published on JPCC here.

January 2021: Santanu Kumar Parida started as a postdoctoral researcher in our group. He will use the ambient pressure AFM setup and characterize the interaction of water vapor with oxides. We wish him success in his research.

September 2020: Roey Ben David becomes the first student in our group who passed his 1st year PhD exam. Congratulations Roey! Keep up the good work.

September 2020: Amit Tal Ezer started his MSc studentship in our group. He will work on characterising electrode surfaces under electrochemical reaction conditions. We wish him success in his research.