Curie-Weizmann Conference on Biological Physics: Tuesday June 7, Lopatie Conference Center

Introduction - Tuesday June 7: 8:30-9:00 

Roy Bar Ziv and Pascal Silberzan (Curie) - Welcome

Isabelle Bonnet (Curie) - Research at Institute Curie


Shapes and dynamics of cells - Tuesday June 7: 9-11 

Benny Shilo: Membrane dynamics of giant secretory vesicles

Tsai-Feng Ching (Curie): Mechanisms of curved membrane protein IRSp53 driven actin-rich membrane protrusion initiation and stabilization

Yifat Merbl: Insights into Golgi-apparatus related degradation

Mathieu Coppey (Curie): Control of two antagonistic migratory phenotypes by RhoA activation dynamics


11-11:30 Coffee Break 


Genetic and Neural Codes - Tuesday June 7: 11:30-13:30 

Yaniv Ziv: Time- and experience-dependent evolution of neural codes for long-term memory

Elisha Moses: Search for a primitive syntax in neuronal codes and human prosody

Pascal Hersen (Curie): Cybergenetics : real time control of gene expression

Benoit Sorre (Curie): Embryonic patterning from the bottom up