Prof. Z. Luz pic
  Zeev Luz, Professor Emeritus

Adress:   Department of Chemical Physics,
                The Weizmann Institute of Science,
                Rehovot 76100, Israel
Office:     Perlman Bldg. 219
Phone:   +972-8-934-2020
Fax:       +972-8-934-4123

Pyramidic LC pic
Pyramidic liquid crystal
under light microscope with polarizers.
Research Interests

I retired in 1997 and in 2000 I was nominated Professor Emeritus. Since my retirement I do not have a research group of my own. However I keep active interest in science and continue my research with the help of old and new collaborators.

My main research interests in recent years involved the study of ordering and dynamics in molecular crystals and liquid crystals, using in particular NMR techniques.

In the former category, emphasis is placed on systems in which a chemical rearrangement process is combined with that of molecular reorientation, as for example in systems with hydrogen bonded dimers, or in organic compounds undergoing bond shift rearrangements.

To the latter category belong discotic compound which form columnar mesophases. In particular we have been studying mesophases formed by derivatives of tribenzocyclononatriene, so called pyramidic liquid crystals. Derivatives of this core exhibit a broad gallery of isomeric forms with a wide variety of physico-chemical phenomena.

List of Publications