Research Summary

During the last several years we are witnessing the rise of second quantum revolution, fuelled by many possible applications ranging from quantum technology, sensing, precision spectroscopy and quantum simulations. On of the main enabling building blocks are isolated and controlled quantum systems. For example, molecules with their rich internal structure have emerged as promising candidates for carrying quantum information. Our group is focused in unraveling the dynamics of cold molecular collisions that serve as a stepping stone towards realization of many body isolated quantum molecular systems.


We are among the pioneers in studying collisions and reactions at the limit of one Kelvin and below where quantum effects such as tunneling, quantum state symmetry or formation of Feshbach resonances play a major role. Recently, we have opened a new window for quantum experiments where colliding particles’ wavefront has been engineered to carry new quantum numbers, such as center of mass orbital angular momentum. We are developing novel molecular cooling methods with the aim of reaching high enough phase-space densities to observe molecular quantum degenerate gases, either Bose-Einstein or Fermi according to quantum particles’ statistics.