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Our group is investigating the new electronic properties that emerge when organic molecules are interacting among themselves or interacting with an inorganic substrate. The work combines research into the basic principles that are the origin for these properties and applications that result from them.

We established that the organization of self-assembled monolayers on a semiconductor substrate induces charge transfer, which is not the property of the single adsorbed molecule but is a result of a cooperative effect due to the monolayer formation. This charge transfer process affects the electronic properties of the substrate and may induce variations in conductivity, magnetic properties, or superconductive properties.


Based on these studies we produce hybrid electronic devices and investigate their properties that can be useful for various applications, such as chemical, light and bio-sensors, chemical patterning, and spin filtering in spintronic devices.


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Selected Publications

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The CISS Effect : Empowering a Future of Safe Drugs, Pesticides & Fertilisers

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Unravelling the secrets of the CISS effectyes

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Spin-Dependent Transport through Chiral Molecules Studied by Spin-Dependent Electrochemistryyes


Chirality-induced spin polarization places symmetry constraints on biomolecular interactionsyes







Ron Naaman Festschrift
Journal of Physical Chemistry C Special Issue
October 31, 2013
Volume 117, Issue 43
Pages 22171-22466

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We are looking for highly motivated, excellent students and post docs that are interested in interdisciplinary research that involve molecular nano-structures and the study of their electronic and spin properties.