Weyl semimetals in chiral AFMs

H. Yang, Y. Sun, Y. Zhang, W.-J. Shi, S. S. P. Parkin, and B. Yan, New Journal of Physics 19, 015008 (2017).

Recent experiments revealed that Mn3Sn and Mn3Ge exhibit a strong anomalous Hall effect at room temperature, provoking us to explore their electronic structures for topological properties. By ab initio band structure calculations, we have observed the existence of multiple Weyl points in the bulk and corresponding Fermi arcs on the surface, predicting antiferromagnetic Weyl semimetals in Mn3Ge and Mn3Sn. Here the chiral antiferromagnetism in the Kagome-type lattice structure is essential to determine the positions and numbers of Weyl points. Our work further reveals a new guiding principle to search for magnetic Weyl semimetals among materials that exhibit a strong anomalous Hall effect.