The conference is Abort


The Minerva -Gentner Symposium Cancelled Due to Covid-19

About Cancer Immunometabolism 2020 

Identifying the metabolic changes that occur in cancer has proven to be fundamental to
our understanding of oncogenic processes. Recently, the immunometabolism field
provided fascinating insights into the role of metabolites in controlling immune cell function.
Revealing unique links between immunology and metabolism can potentially be translated
into novel therapies for cancer. This meeting will bring together leading researchers in
cancer metabolism and immunology to present novel insights into immunometabolism that
can be harnessed to advance therapeutic interventions in cancer. Participants are
encouraged to submit abstracts for posters and oral presentations. Selected applications will
have an opportunity to receive travel award and to join a “master class” during which they
will present their research to scientists who are world known experts in the field.


Organizing committee

Almut Schulze
German Cancer Research Center, Germany



  • The Chorafas Institute for Scientific Exchange
  • Moross, Integration Cancer Center (MICC)
  • Minerva