The genomic revolution is transforming basic & clinical immunology.

Integration of next generation sequencing and genome engineering techniques into immunological research is redefining immunology. Further development of more powerful methods for chromatin profiling, single cell immuno-genomics, genome wide CRISPR screens, will have a huge impact on the next decade of immune research in both basic science and clinical applications.

Advanced genomics have also led to a vast interest in the study of the microbiome, an immense and poorly understood microbial ecosystem that is now considered an integral part of the human holobiome. The microbiome extensively interacts with the host, and this cross-talk is believed to profoundly affect the normal innate and adaptive immune function. Impairment in this second genome is closely associated with the pathogenesis of a myriad of ‘multi-factorial’ diseases, ranging from infectious diseases, inflammatory and autoimmune disorders, metabolic diseases, cancer, and recently even neurodegenerative and aging-related disorders.

As such, advanced genomic research is rapidly expanding the horizons of immunology towards fields and disorders never studied before, resulting in identification of innovative and personalized genomic-based immune- and microbiome-mediated therapeutic strategies and interventions.

In this meeting, we will bring together pioneers and world leaders merging genomics, immunology and microbiome research to make important discoveries in clinical and basic immunology. The meeting will include three days of extensive, interdisciplinary and informal discussions. Our aim is to create a forum and ‘think tank’ enabling further integration and sharing of knowledge in the emerging immuno-genomics field, hoping to define together the agenda of this new community for the next decade. The meeting will include presentation by over thirty invited speakers and of several selected abstracts, lively poster sessions, and many opportunities for interactions between leaders in basic research, pharma and the clinic.

As part of the meeting, we will hold a special ‘meet the editor’ session hosted by editors of leading journals including Nature, Cell, Science, Nature Medicine, Nature Immunology, Nature Microbiology, Immunity, Nature Genetics, Nature Biotechnology, and Cell Host & Microbe, and a session with Pharma and clinical leaders discussing translational aspects of this revolution. In these, we will discuss the future prospects and directions of our developing, highly multi-disciplinary field.

Importantly, the Weizmann Systems Biology initiative will fund travel and housing scholarships for outstanding 50 PhD students and Postdocs based on competitive track record in these fields. For more info click here.    


Organized by:

Dr. Ido Amit & Dr. Eran Elinav

Supported by the The Chorafas Institute for Scientific Exchange, Weizmann Institute of Science


Next Gen Immunology