Excursion to the Negev Oct 31 - Nov 1

Thursday 31.10

08:00 Departing from Weizmann to Lakia

10:00 Desert Embroidery visitor center at Lakia . Desert Embroidery is an association for the improvement of the status of Bedouin women in their society and in Israel. We will visit the center and hear about Bedouine life, with a particular focus on women and children.

12:30 Arrival at Ben Gurion Gravesite, Sde Boker and setting out to a Jeep tour including outdoor lunch.

17:30 Arrival and check-in at Ramon suites Hotel

19:00 Depart to the crater - outdoor dinner followed by Stargazing in Ramon Crater.

23:00 Back at the Hotel


Friday 01.11

07:00-09:00 Breakfast at the Hotel and Checkout

09:00 Jeep tour in Ramon crater including short hikes

13:30 Bedouin Hospitality and lunch

15:30 Wine tasting at Carmey Avdat Farm, a farm established on the Wine Route in the heart of the Negev Highlands.

19:00 Anticipated return at Weizmann

Ramon crater: This is the world’s largest erosion crater or makhtesh. A landform unique to Israel’s Negev and Egypt’s Sinai deserts’, a makhtesh is a large erosion cirque, created 220 million years ago when oceans covered the area (the word crater is therefore a misleading translation of Hebrew to English.) The Ramon Crater measures 40km in length and between 2 and 10km in width, shaped like a long heart, and forms Israel’s largest national park, the Ramon Nature Reserve.