The ZOMES meetings focus on the biology of the three “PCI” complexes, the proteasome, the COP9 signalosome, and eIF3, and also additional complexes, such as E3-ubiquitin ligases, which interact with and are regulated by the PCI complexes. The study of large protein complexes -"Zomes" - poses unique issues and difficulties, and the ZOMES meetings aim at providing a forum for discussing the connections between these complexes and central signaling pathways.

The goal of ZOMES is to bring together researchers from diverse fields, who normally have no venue to meet, to initiate joint efforts for studying the functioning of these complexes. ZOMES meetings are unique in that scientists such cancer researchers and plant scientists interact freely and exchange ideas, providing a forum for cross-fertilization which is absent in most specialized meetings.

All ZOMES meetings are:

  1. Interdisciplinary: Plants, Mammals, yeast, flies etc are all represented
  2. Dynamic: We aim to have new speakers and novel approaches shown in each meeting.
  3. Interactive: Zomes are small (~110) and plenty of time is left for social interaction (where most of the real science happens!)
  4. Affordabale:

A history of ZOMES meetings can be found here.

Important Dates

Abstract submission deadline - 1 July 2010
Abstract acceptance - 1 August 2010
Early bird registration - 1 April 2010 - 1 June 2010
Final registration deadline - 15 July 2010

Local Organizing Committee

Danny Chamovitz, Tel-Aviv University, Israel
Michael Glickman, Technion, Israel
Elah Pick, University of Haifa, Israel
Michal Sharon, Weizmann Institute, Israel

Scientific Organizing Board

Wolfgang Dubiel, Charité University, Germany
Jun-ya Kato, Nara Institute of Science & Technology, Japan
Ruggero Pardi , San Raffaele University, Italy
Manuel Rodriguez, CIC bioGUNE, Spain
Ning Wei, Yale University, USA
Dieter Wolf, Burnham Institute for Medical Research, USA
Dimitrias Xirodimas, University of Dundee, UK


Ilanit Dvash

Workshop Poster

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