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Winning Posters

  1. Amir Rubinstein (BIU), "Catalyzing Racemizations in the Absence of a Cofactor: A Comprehensive Computational Study of the Proline Racemase Reaction Mechanism"
  2. Liel Sapir (HUJI), "The influence of trehalose on water structure in solution"
  3. Marina Shudler (HUJI), "BlockMaster: Partitioning protein structures into semi-rigid blocks and flexible regions using normal mode analysis"
  4. Tzachi Hagai (WIS), "Ubiquitin - Not Just a Tag?"

About the conference

Atomistic simulations of biological molecules are cutting-edge tools of contemporary research. Such simulations are being used in drug design, material sciences, nanotechnology and other applicative fields as well as in basic science disciplines.

The meeting will highlight state-of-the-art advances (including coarse-graining, QM/MM, and knowledge-driven molecular dynamics) and their applications to the study of biological processes and bio-machines at the molecular level. This interdisciplinary meeting aims to bring together scientists from fields as diverse as structural biology, biochemistry, physics and biomedical engineering and to facilitate mutual exchange of ideas, sharing of resources, and student education.

Important dates

Poster submission deadline - 1 July 2009
Poster acceptance 1 August 2009
Early bird registration 1 July 2009 ($200 for student/postdoc; $450 for PI)
Final registration deadline 15 July 2009 ($250 for student/postdoc; $500 for PI)

Organizing Committee


Ilanit Dvash

Workshop Poster