The recent advances in biochemical, biophysical as well as computational and theoretical studies of the mechanism of DNA search and its implications on cellular functions make it a very timely event. Following the seminal paper by Peter von Hippel in 1981, numerous studies have addressed the question of the unexpected fast recognition between protein and DNA that is faster than the rate predicted for a reaction controlled by 3D diffusion. The developments of single-molecule techniques, cell biology, and theoretical formalisms enormously contributed to better understanding of the driving forces and basic principles of protein-DNA interactions which govern many regulatory cellular functions. The workshop will provide an exciting forum to discuss new developments, both experimental and theoretical, as well as open questions in the fields of protein-DNA recognition and in particular the mechanisms of facilitated diffusion, both in vitro and in vivo. In addition to the invited presentations from leaders in the field, the workshop will provide opportunities for junior scientists and graduate students to present their work via abstract-selected presentations and poster.

Topics to be discussed in the workshops:

Important dates:

Poster submission deadline - 1 July 2011
Poster acceptance 15 July 2011
Early bird registration 15 July 2011 ($500 for student/postdoc; $700 for PI)
Final registration deadline 15 August 2011 ($550 for student/postdoc; $750 for PI)

Organizing Committee


Eva Guez

Workshop Poster