This year Low x Workshop in Israel is organized at two separate locations, in the city of Rehovot, about 25 km South-East of Tel-Aviv and in the city of Eilat, a World famous Read Sea Resort. We plan to trnasport all participants from Rehovot to Eilat by buses via Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. 

Blocks of rooms in the hotels at each location are reserved at a reduced price. The same price is secured for the stay between the weekend: from Sunday, May 26 till Thursday, June 6 in Eilat1. Please note that the weekdays in Israel are from Sunday till Thursday. To benefit from the prices you should book your stay at the time of registration. Please do not book hotels directly, the prices will be higher. 

In Rehovot the participants are offered the newly constructed Leonardo Boutique Hotel, approximately 5 min walk from the Institute gate at a rate $145 per night for a single room with single occupancy and $175 for double room occupancy. The price includes breakfast. 

In Eilat the conference will take place in the King Solomon Hotel located in the Eilat Marina area. The single room occupancy is available at a price of $150 for a single room with single occupancy. Double rooms and triple occupancy in double room are also available at a price of $165 and $235 per night.  Prices are listed in the registration form.

If you prefer to book your own accommodation at each or both locations please choose corresponding option when filling the registration form. 

1 from Sunday, May 26 till Saturday May 31st in Rehovot and from Saturday June 1st till Thursday, June 6 in Eilat.