Welcome Letter

We are pleased to announce that “The 2nd Batsheva Seminar on Integrative Perspectives on the Development of the Musculoskeletal System” will be held from February 27th through March 3rd, 2011 in Ein Gedi, Israel.
This meeting follows a previous, very successful conference held in Israel on 2008 that focused on developmental mechanisms underlying morphogenesis of the musculoskeletal system (http://www.weizmann.ac.il/Biological_Regulation/tzahor/conference0308/overview.html).

The general concept behind this meeting is to form an interface among scientists who work on developmental programs of the skeleton, muscles, tendons and neuromuscular system in both vertebrates and invertebrates. We seek to promote a comprehensive understanding of how the musculoskeletal system develops and functions and how developmental abnormalities can lead to congenital malformations and disease.

We encourage researchers to think beyond the confines of their specific fields of study and to adopt a more global perspective on the development and evolution of these systems. We hope you will join us in Israel for what we expect to be a highly stimulating and enjoyable meeting.