This year’s Passwell Symposium will bring together both active researchers and physicians, with the intention of improving our understanding of the mechanisms underlying hematological malignancies, and how we can better translate them into effective therapies. While tremendous advances have already been made in leukemia biology, curative treatments have not kept pace.
The purpose of this Symposium is to explore the roots of the gaps between basic research and clinical practice in this field. Although major achievements in understanding the biology of leukemia have been made in the past decade, wide gaps still persist in many areas, among them:

  • Early diagnosis of leukemia
  • Mechanisms of leukemia progression
  • Value and risks in early treatment of subclinical disease
  • Predicting progression from clonal expansion to clinically relevant leukemia
  • Prevention of relapse, and
  • Treatment of relapsed disease.

Leading scientists and physicians from Israel and around the world will provide new insights into the major gaps in their fields of expertise, and suggest ways these gaps can be addressed. At the end of the Symposium, the invited speakers will meet to discuss general conclusions, and formulate a vision regarding the future of translational leukemia research.


  • Martin Ellis
  • Yinon Ben-Neriah
  • Tsvee Lapidot
  • Liran Shlush

Scientific Committee

  • Liran Shlush
  • Benjamin Geiger
  • Eran Elinav
  • Ayelet Erez