Teaching Certificate Program

An Opportunity to Make a Difference in Science Education

The Science Teaching department at the Feinberg Graduate School offers a unique educational program that enables students to obtain teaching certification for seventh through twelfth grades in the areas of the Sciences, Mathematics & Computer Science. The certificate is recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Education.

The goal of the teaching certificate program is to allow FGS students and alumni, as well as postdoctoral fellows at the Weizmann Institute, to obtain the training necessary to become successful teachers and play an influential role in the educational system.

Who is the Program for?

You are eligible to apply to the program if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • MSc and PhD students in the Science Teaching Department.
  • MSc and PhD students at FGS (provided that your research proposal has been approved, and that your mentor have given you approval).
  • Postdoctoral fellows at the Weizmann Institute.
  • FGS alumni and former postdoctoral fellows.

How to Apply

If you are interested in registering for the program, fill out the application form and submit it, by email, to the FGS Coordinator for Science Teaching.

Registration opens each year on March 1 and closes on May 31.

Language of Instruction

The language of instruction is Hebrew.

Study Requirements

The educational program includes the following courses:

  • Introduction to Science Teaching (מבוא להוראת המדעים)
  • Cognition Learning and Instruction (נושאים נבחרים בלמידה והוראה)
  • Learning Environment (סביבות למידה)
  • Learning Assessment (הערכת למידה)
  • Educational Psychology (פסיכולוגיה חינוכית)
  • History and Philosophy of Education (היסטוריה ופילוסופיה של החינוך)
  • Didactics (קורס שנתי בדידקטיקה)
  • Practicum: The practicum involves 180 hours of training, during which time an emphasis is placed on mastering teaching methods such as: research, problem solving, managing projects, discussions, leveraging technology in educational environments, and peer learning.

Program Length

Participants are obligated to complete the program within two years (i.e. in four consecutive semesters).

Program Cost

There is no tuition fee, and the participants do not receive any stipend.

For More Information

Academic Coordinator of the Program

Dr. Ronit Ben-Bassat Levy | (08-934-)3826

FGS Coordinator

Teaching Certification
Adi Shimron
Contact email