Nursery School Subsidy


As part of our family-friendly policy, we offer our students and postdocs a monthly supplement to their fellowship to assist them with nursery school costs.


425 NIS for each child aged six* to 36 months.


  • Full-time students and postdocs who receive a monthly fellowship through WIS.
  • From the 27th week following a child's birth (*or earlier, i.e., before the 27th week, if the student returns from parental leave and resumes full-time dedication to studies and research).
  • Students /Postdocs may not receive the supplement while on leave without a fellowship.
  • Eligibility ends at the end of the month in which the child turns three years old.
  • If both parents are students or postdocs at WIS, only one of them is eligible to receive the supplement (there will be no double supplement allocation for the same child)


  • Students and postdocs must update the FGS on the birth of a child as soon as it occurs, along with the child's birth certificate or another official document that shows proof of parenthood.
  • Please note that this allocation WILL NOT be awarded retroactively under any circumstances.