Grievances and reporting

Students and postdocs who wish to file a complaint, alert FGS officials and/or WIS officials, report on and/or discuss instances of suspected misconduct, harassment, bullying, hazards, safety, etc., may do so by contacting the following authorities:

Bullying (e.g., by mentors or other WIS employees)

FGS Dean, Prof. Gilad Perez

08-934-3842 (secretary)

Sexual harassment

WIS Commissioner for Sexual Harassment Complaints, Adv. Ilana Eyal



Scientific misconduct

WIS Vice Presdient , Prof. Ziv Reich

08-934-3952 (secretary)

Safety hazards (labs)

WIS Safety Unit



Campus hazards

Campus Service Center (24/7)


Personal safety and security

WIS Emergency Switchboard (24/7)