Grievances and reporting

Students and postdocs who wish to file a complaint, alert FGS officials and/or WIS officials, report on and/or discuss instances of suspected misconduct, harassment, bullying, hazards, safety, etc., may do so by contacting the people or entities listed below.

Bullying (e.g., by mentors or other WIS employees)

The FGS is committed to the physical and emotional wellbeing and the academic success of our students and postdocs. We strive to create an environment that will maximize your scientific potential and support personal growth. If you feel that you are not adequately supported in your research or that your physical or emotional wellbeing is compromised by bullying or aggression, we ask that you inform us. We vow to resolve the problem while protecting you and your future studies and research and putting your needs at the forefront. Please come talk to us to hear how we can help:

Dean, Feinberg Graduate School
Prof. Gilad Perez

08-934-4170 (secretary)

Anonymous Contact Form

Head, Office for the advancement of women in science & gender equality
Prof. Idit Shachar

08-934-2821 (secretary)

Sexual harassment
FGS regulations concerning sexual harassment

WIS Commissioner for Sexual Harassment Complaints,
Adv. Ilana Eyal



Scientific misconduct
Ethics@WIS - Overview

WIS Vice President
Prof. Ziv Reich

08-934-3952 (secretary)

Safety hazards (labs)

WIS Safety Unit



Campus hazards

Campus Service Center (24/7)


Personal safety and security

WIS Emergency Switchboard (24/7)