Postdoc Appreciation Event 2020

This year the FGS celebrated the “Postdoc Appreciation Event 2020” on 16.01.19. During the event the FGS Dean, Prof. Gilad Perez and the Chair of the Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, Prof. Michael Fainzilber awarded certificates to this year’s outstanding postdocs. Following the ceremony the postdocs and their families enjoyed a jazz concert.

list of awardees

Koshland Prize-

Dr. John  Birkbeck
Dr. Yury Bykov
Dr. Aurore  Dupin
Dr. Adi Pick
Dr. Michael  Rauch
Dr. Masataka Watanabe

Senior Postdoctoral fellowship-

Dr. Nikolaos Afratis
Dr. Johnatan  Aljadeff
Dr. Amir Ban
Dr. Sophie  Bouccara
Dr. David Brocks
Dr. Sudipto  Chakrabarti
Dr. Hagai  Cohen
Dr. Peter Crockford
Dr. Jan Dobes
Dr. Angeliki  Giannoulis
Dr. Amit  Kumar
Dr. Uttam Kumar Das
Dr. Chunlin Li
Dr. Rudra Nayan  Das
Dr. Raquel Queiroz
Dr. Aldema Sas-Chen
Dr. Rafael Schoch
Dr. Kyrylo  Snizhko
Dr. Thomas Vogl
Dr. Anastasia  Yanchilina

Outstanding achievements in postdoctoral research-

Dr. Anirban  Basak
Dr. Shaofeng  Jiang
Dr. Raquel Queiroz
Dr. Yochai Wolf
Dr. Yin  Yang

Selected pictures from the event