Journal Publications 2009

Genetically engineered regulatory T cells ameliorate colitis through antigen-specific activation of TNP-specific chimeric receptor.
Elinav E, Adam N, Waks T, Eshhar Z.
Source: Molecular Therapy 2009 ;
Intestinal lamina propria dendritic cell subsets have different origin and functions.
Varol C, Vallon-Eberhard A, Elinav E, Aychek T, Shapira Y, Luche H, Fehling HJ, Hardt WD, Shakhar G, Jung S.
Source: Immunity 2009 ;
Antibiotic prophylaxis for spontaneous bacterial peritonitis in cirrhotic patients with ascites, without gastro-intestinal bleeding.
Cohen MJ, Sahar T, Benenson S, Elinav E, Brezis M, Soares-Weiser K.
Source: Cochrane Reviews 2009 ;
Pegylated leptin antagonist is a potent orexigenic agent: preparation and mechanism of activity.
Elinav E, Niv-Spector L, Katz M, Price TO, Ali M, Yacobovitz M, Solomon G, Reicher S, Lynch JL, Halpern Z, Banks WA, Gertler A.
Source: Endocrinology 2009 ;
Utilization of murine laparoscopy for continuous in-vivo assessment of the liver in multiple disease models.
Shapira Y, Katz M, Ali M, Kaplan M, Brazowski E, Halpern Z, Elinav E.
Source: PLoS One 2009 ;
Amelioration of colitis by genetically engineered murine regulatory T cells redirected by antigen-specific chimeric receptor.
Elinav E, Adam N, Waks T, Eshhar Z.
Source: Gastroenterology 2009 ;
Competitive inhibition of leptin signaling results in amelioration of liver fibrosis through modulation of stellate cell function.
Elinav E, Ali M, Bruck R, Brazowski E, Phillips A, Shapira Y, Katz M, Solomon G, Halpern Z, Gertler A.
Source: Hepatology 2009 ;