Journal Publications 2011

NLRP6 Inflammasome Regulates Colonic Microbial Ecology and Risk for Colitis.
Eran Elinav, Till Strowig, Andrew L. Kau, Jorge Henao-Mejia, Christoph A. Thaiss, Carmen J. Booth, David R. Peaper, John Bertin, Stephanie C. Eisenbarth, Jeffrey I. Gordon and Richard A. Flavell.
Source: Cell 2011 ; 145 :745-757.
Utilization of Murine Colonoscopy for Orthotopic Implantation of Colorectal Cancer.
Zigmond E, Halpern Z, Elinav E, Brazowski E, Jung S, Varol C.
Source: PLoS ONE 2011 ; 6 (12) (e28858)
Regulation of the antimicrobial response by NLR proteins.
Elinav E, Strowig T, Henao-Mejia J, Flavell RA.
Source: Immunity. 2011 May 27; 34 (5) :665-79.
Inflammasome-mediated suppression of inflammation-induced colorectal cancer progression is mediated by direct regulation of epithelial cell proliferation.
Hu B, Elinav E (first co-author), Flavell RA.
Source: Cell Cycle. 2011 Jun 15; 10 (12) :1936-9.
Development and characterization of high affinity leptins and leptin antagonists.
Shpilman M, Niv-Spector L, Katz M, Varol C, Solomon G, Ayalon-Soffer M, Boder E, Halpern Z, Elinav E, Gertler A.
Source: J Biol Chem. 2011 Feb 11; 286 (6) :4429-42.