Ofer Lider Prof. Ofer Lider
Former Incumbent of
The Weizmann League Career Development Chair
in Children's Diseases

On July 12, 2004, the department suffered a tragic loss with the untimely passing of Prof. Ofer Lider, z"l. His students and colleagues are devotedly continuing Prof. Lider's outstanding scientific achievments.

In addition, Oferís family, friends and colleagues have founded Lifeís Verse as a non-profit association (Reg. no. 580438984), to encourage other scientists to follow in Oferís path. Scientists from the Weizmann Institute of Science, staff members of the Literary Supplement of "Yedioth Ahronoth" and other writers jointly take part in furthering the aims of Lifeís Verse on a daily basis. In this vein, Life's Verse is sponsoring an annual literary prize to commemorate unique wedding of science with art, and to encourage scientists to express their creativity in the world of the written word as in the world of nature. So may Oferís verse live on.

For a glimpse into the richness and creativity that was Ofer, see http://www.lider.name/.

 Research Interests:

Regulation of lymphocyte entry into and behavior in inflamed sites

The process of circulation of lymphocytes from blood to tissues and back to the blood occurs during homeostasis as well as during pathological conditions. In such instances lymphocytes have to migrate through the extracellular matrix (ECM). The nature of the recruiting and directing signals involved in this process, the motility of immune cells, the communication between migrating cells, how the migrating cells sense their environment, the cellular invasion of the sub-endothelial ECM, and the intrinsic regulation, by tissue components and fractions of pro-inflammatory mediators, of the intensity of the inflammatory reaction, are the main topics of our research.

Our major research goals and directions are:

 Group Members:
Dr. Liora Cahalon, Research Associate
Dr. Rami Hershkoviz, Visiting Scientist
Laura Netzer, Lab Assistant
Iris Hecht, Ph.D. Student
Asya Rolls, Ph.D. Student
Ilya Sotnikov, M.D., Ph.D. Student
Alexandra Zanin, Ph.D. Student
Michal Kardon, M.Sc. Student
Dr. Alexander Brill, Consultant
Uri Sela, M.D., Ph.D. Student
Yuri Kalashian, M.D., Visiting Scientist
Shirly Oren, M.D., Visiting Scientist

List of Publications (last 3 years)