Ofer Lider Prof. Ofer Lider
The Weizmann League Career Development Chair
in Children's Diseases

 List of Publications (last 3 years):
  1. Levite, M., Cahalon, L., Hershkoviz, R., Netzer, L., Steinman, L., and Lider, O. (1998). Neuropeptides, via specific receptors, regulate T cell adhesion to fibronectin. J. Immunol. 160, 993-1000.
  2. Hodak, E., Yosipovich, G., Lider, O., David, M., Cahalon, L., Ingber, A., Chorev, L., and Cohen, I. R. (1998). Low-dose low-molecular weight heparin (enoxaparin) is beneficial in lichen planus: a preliminary report. J. Am. Acad. Dermatol. 38, 564-568.
  3. Preciado-Patt, L., Cahalon, L., Hershkoviz, R., Lider, O., and Fridkin, M. 1998. Serum amyloid A complexed with extracellular matrix induced the secretion of tumor necrosis factor-a by human T lymphocytes. Lett. Pep. Sci. 5, 349-355.
  4. Ariel, A., Yavin, E. J., Hershkoviz, R., Franitza, S., Avron, A., Cahalon, L., Fridkin, M., and Lider, O. (1998). IL-2 induces T cell adherence to extracellular matrix: Inhibition of adherence and migration by IL-2 peptides generated by leukocyte elastase. J. Immunol. 161, 2465-2472.
  5. Rechter, M., Lider, O., Cahalon, L., Baharav, E., Dekel, M., Seigel, D., Vlodavsky, I., Aingorn, H., Cohen, I. R., and Shoseyov, O. (1999). A cellulose binding domain-fused recombinant human T cell chemokine CTAP-III manifests heparanase activity. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 255, 657-662.
  6. Preciado-Patt, L., Hershkoviz, R., Lider, O., Freietag, S., Jung, G., and Fridkin, M. (1999). A structure-function study of extracellular matrix-related cell adhesion epitopes of serum amyloid A (SAA). Lett. Pep. Sci. 6, 99-108.
  7. Rabinovich, G. A., Ariel, A., Hershkoviz, R., Hirabashi, J., Kasai, K-I. and Lider, O. (1999). Specific inhibition of T-cell adhesion to extracellular matrix and pro-inflammatory cytokine secretion by human recombinant galectin-1. Immunol. 97, 100-106.
  8. Franitza, S., Alon, R., and Lider, O. 1999. Dynamic mechanisms of integrin-mediated migration of T lymphocytes along chemotaxis gradients of IL-2 and RANTES within 3-dimensional extracellular matrix-like gels. J. Immunol. Methods 225, 9-25.
  9. Peled, A., Petit, I., Kollet, O., Magid, M., Ponomaryov, T., Byk, T., Nagler, A., Ben-Hur, H., Many, A., Shultz, L., Lider, O., Alon, R., Zipori, D., and Lapidot, T. 1999. Dependence of human stem cell engraftment and repopulation of NOD/SCID mice on CXCR4. Science 283, 845-848.
  10. Shapira, O. M., Rene, H., Lider, O., Pfeffermann, R.A., Shemin, R.J., and Cohen, I. R. (1999). Prolongation of rat skin and cardiac allograft survival by low molecular weight heparin. J. Surg. Res. 85, 83-88.
  11. Yavin, E.J., Preciado-Patt, L., Rosen, O., Yaron, M., Suessmuth, R. D., Levartowsky, D., Jung, G., Lider, O., and Fridkin, M. (2000). Serum amyloid A-derived peptides, present in human rheumatic synovial fluids, induce the secretion of interferon-gamma by human CD4+ T-lymphocytes. FEBS Lett. 472, 259-262.
  12. Hershkoviz, R., Schor, H., Ariel, A., Hecht, I., Cohen, I. R., Lider, O., and Cahalon, L. (2000). Disaccharides generated from heparan sulfate or heparin modulate chemokine-induced T cell adhesion to extracellular matrix. Immunol. 99, 87-93.
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  14. Levite, M., Cahalon, L., Hershkoviz, R., Peretz, A., Sobko, A., Ariel, A., Avron, A., Attali, B., and Lider O. (2000). Opening of voltage-gated potassium channels drives T cells into adhesion and migration: Physical and functional association between Kv1.3 channels and b1 integrins. J. Exp. Med. 191, 1167-1176.
  15. Franitza, S., Hershkoviz, R., Kam, N., Lichtenstein, N., Gayle G., Vaday, G., R. Alon, and Lider, O. (2000). TNFa associated with extracellular matrix fibronectin provides a stop signal for chemotactically migrating T cells. J. Immunol. 165, 2738-2747.
  16. Vaday, G. G., Hershkoviz, R., Rahat, M. A., Lahat, N., Cahalon, L., and Lider O. (2000). Fibronectin-bound TNFa stimulates monocyte 92-kDa gelatinase secretion independent of b1 integrin-mediated adhesion. J. Leuk. Biol. 68, 737-747.
  17. Ariel, A., Hershkoviz, R., Altbaum-Weiss, I., Ganor, S., and Lider, O. (2000). Cell surface-expressed moesin-like receptor regulates T cell interactions with tissue components and binds an adhesion-modulating IL-2 peptide generated by elastase. J. Immunol. 166, 3052-3060.
  18. Miller, A., Kraiem, Z., Sobel, E., Lider, O., and Lahat, N. (2000). Modulation of human leukocyte antigen and intracellular adhesion molecule-1 surface expression in malignant and nonmalignant human thyroid cells by cytokines in the context of extracellular matrix. Thyroid 10, 945-950.
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  20. Vaday, G. G., Schor, H., Rahat, M., Lahat, N., and Lider, O. (2000). TGFb suppresses TNFa-induced matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) expression in monocytes. J. Leuk. Biol. 69, 613-621.
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  24. Brill, A. Hershkoviz, R., Franitza, S. and Lider O. (2001). Short-Term Exposure of T Cells to TGF-b Differentially Regulates their Interactions with Fibronectin by Modulation of Pyk2 Phosphorylation. Immunol. In press.
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