In loving memory of our group member, Dr. Valentin Grabovsky z"l  (по Русски)

Valentin Grabovsky

Obituary in Hebrew Obituary in Russian

It is with great sadness that we announce the untimely and tragic passing of Dr. Valentin Grabovsky, our long-time consultant and dear friend, from an aggresive metastatic melanoma.

group picture
group picture Valentin in the Lab

Click here to view the Chemokine Conference held on 16.06.2011, in Valentin's memory.

Click here to view Valentin's vision for "The Grabovsky Table: Towards a Unified System of Protein Classification" that was presented at the Chemokine Conference.

Click here for a List of Publications during Valentin's years at the Weizmann Institute (1988-2010).

Dr. Valentin Grabovsky’s Diploma


View the notes for Valentin's last experiment performed at the Weizmann Institute, on 10.10.10, just two and a half weeks before he passed away.

We would like to reproduce some of the letters we have received from co-workers all over the world, who were touched and saddened by this terrible news: (Click here for eulogies in Russian.)