Best Practice: Always Start from the Library Site

Why?  When using Weizmann Library resources from off-campus, starting from the Library home page means that all the necessary access information will be included in links.

What next?  There are 2 options:

  • On the Library home page under Search (when accessing remotely), the word "Login" appears.  If you start your session by clicking on Login and logging in with your Weizmann username/password before continuing, all content purchased by the Library will be accessible throughout your session -- no further authentication should be required.
  • If you don't login at the beginning, continue with your research via the Library Search box.  However, when you attempt to access content purchased by the Library for the first time in a session, the proxy service will ask you to log in (that is, authenticate with your Weizmann username/password) and, once that is done, for the rest of your session, you have access to all licensed content as though you are on campus.


What is this "proxy" that keeps getting mentioned?  A proxied link integrates the Library proxy server information in the URL, helping you seamlessly use Library resources whether researching on- or off-campus. 

Links which originate from Library resources are proxied, including links to full-text from Primo, the eJournal A-Z list (aka Browzine) and the Database A-Z list.  When clicking a proxied link for the first time in a session, remote users are prompted for their Weizmann username and password.  One successful login establishes access to all licensed resources during that session.

Only current Weizmann students, faculty, and staff have remote-access privileges to Weizmann-licensed library resources.   In order to access eResources, you must have a valid Weizmann username and password.


But I don't want to always have to start from the Library site.  Isn't there another solution?  

There is an option which adds the proxy information on-the-fly (see below), but this option is still not as good as the enriched Library links for some content (e.g., PubMed).  

If none of these solutions sounds right for you, there is one more -- Library staff can work with you and your team to create a subject- or research-group-specific page, allowing you more direct access to the enriched links which are most helpful to you.  Contact for more information.

If your link isn't proxied, use the Library Proxy Bookmarklet

Links not accessed from Library web pages and resources are, most likely, not proxied. Therefore, you will often need a way to add the Weizmann proxy to these links.

The Weizmann Library Proxy Bookmarklet lets you easily include  the library proxy and then reload a page to see if we have access. The bookmarklet works with any java-enabled browser (and can also work on mobile phones).

How to install and use the Bookmarklet.

Additional Information