1. Table of Contents
    1. What we talk about when we talk about variants
    2. Epidemics that shape us: The role of pathogens in human evolution
    3. How mRNA vaccines work
    1. Guardians of the logic gates
    2. A ‘smoking gun’ for weight loss
    3. Canary in the data mine
    4. Putting the brakes on immune cells
    5. Sugar baby solution
    6. Serendipity leads to sirloin
    7. A moving discovery about visual perception
    8. Going out with a bang
    9. Spiking the particle
    10. Two-way cellular radio
    1. The joy of exploring, the art of giving
    1. Building a home for the brain
    2. A quantum leap for the Frontiers building
    3. Advancing AI and smart materials
    4. From bench to (pediatric) bedside
    5. The power of positive thinking
    6. A PHYSICal meeting place for the minds
    7. Exploring the neural/immune interface
    8. A safe haven for scientists
    1. The science of secrecy
    1. Charting the career course
    2. Postdoc fellowship honors Dr. Angela Merkel
    1. Israel Prize awarded to Oded Goldreich
    2. Rafael Malach named EMET Prize winner
    3. Powerful predictions for material design
    4. Advancing the health of humankind
    5. Blavatnik awards recognize Weizmann trailblazers
    6. Adapting and unraveling life-inspired materials
    7. Reshef Tenne elected to the European Academy
    8. Young and connected: Weizmann’s new EMBO members
    1. Rising to the top
    2. Team Weizmann goes for the gold
    3. Summertime science
    4. Science tales
    5. Making their way with tools and tech
    1. Finding hope in science
    2. Hooked on space
    1. The 73rd Annual General Meeting of the International Board
    1. Leaders on land, scientists at sea
    2. Celebrating Luis Stillmann at 100
    3. Paying tribute and planning for success
    4. Imagining a world without science
    5. Seeing stars from Sydney
    6. Paris prize spotlights MS research
    7. Joy and innovation in Tel Aviv
    8. Good vibes only at Zappa
    9. A decade of ‘safe-cracking’
    10. Bringing brain science to Basel
    1. Building the machines of the future
  2. Around Campus
  3. In Memoriam
  4. What am I?
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