Upcoming Courses

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Upcoming Courses
Title Lecturer Semester Date and Time
Chemistry module: introduction to the materials science 2nd Semester Tuesday, 12:30-15:30
Quantum Mechanics 1 1st Semester Wednesday, 09:15-11:00, Schmidt, Auditorium

Thursday, 09:15-11:00, Perlman, Rm 404
Chemistry of Elements 1st Semester Thursday, 11:15-13:00, Perlman, Rm 404

Tuesday, 14:15-16:00, FGS, Rm A
Biological materials mechanics - Introductory concepts 2nd Semester Sunday, 09:15-11:00, FGS, Rm C
Computational Approaches in Materials Science 2nd Semester Monday, 09:15-11:00, Perlman, Rm 404
Guided Reading Course in Nanomaterials 1st Semester Tuesday, 14:15-16:00, FGS, Rm 3
Energy, Materials and Resource Sustainability 1st Semester Sunday, 09:15-11:00, Perlman, Rm 404
Soft Matter: Interactions, structure and dynamics 1st Semester Monday, 11:15-13:00, Perlman, Rm 404