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In memoriam

Prof. Moshe Levy

As a post-doctoral fellow under Michael Szwarc, Moshe Levy was a member of the team who discovered "Living Polymers", which was a major breakthrough in the field of polymers science.

Prof. Shimon Reich

While reading about an ancient Roman technique for maneuvering heavy stones using lead lumps, Prof. Shimon Reich of the Weizmann Institute's Materials and Interfaces Department came up with an idea: The age of ancient lead could be determined with the help of superconducting properties.

To put his idea to work, he enlisted the help of a metallurgist - Dr. Grigorii Leitus of the Weizmann Institute - and an archaeologist, Dr. Sariel Shalev of Haifa University and the Weizmann Institute's Helen and Martin Kimmel Center for Archaeological Science.