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Name Yearsort ascending Advisor Thesis
Kenyon Anne 2017 U. Feige On the profile of multiplicities of complete subgraphs
Hitron Yael 2017 U. Feige The ordered cover problem
Dudley Carmel 2017 A. Tanay Inferring large-scale chromosomal compartmentalization using single-cell Hi-C
Dror Omer 2017 B. Nadler Unsupervised ensemble regression
Cohen Tal 2017 T. Gelander Topological Gaschutz Lemma
Benarroch Guenun Daniel Messod 2017 Z. Brakerski Fully homomorphic encryption over the Integers: Decomposed and batched in the post-quantum regime
Ben Ovadia Snir 2017 O. Sarig Symbolic dynamics for non-uniformly hyperbolic diffeomorphisms of compact smooth manifolds
Attias Chen 2017 R. Krauthgamer Combinatorial optimization problems with testing
Attias Chen 2017 R. Krauthgamer Combinatorial optimization problems with testing
Attali Shirel 2017 D. Peleg Wireless expanders
Van Handel Otniel 2017 R. Krauthgamer Vertex cover approximation in data streams
Sabah Sima 2017 M. Irani The "AVI" descriptor: An Appearance and Viewpoint Invariant local video descriptor
Pnueli Michal 2017 V. Rom-Kedar Dynamics in a Hamiltonian Impact System
Ovadia Shahar 2017 S. Dobzinski Combinatorial cost sharing
Navon Tal 2017 D. Peleg Fault tolerant network design problems based on mixed backup and reinforcement
Mintzer Sefi (Yosef) 2017 N. Barkai Divergence of duplicated transcription factors: Msn2 and Msn4 as a test case
Mikulincer Dan 2017 R. Eldan Information and dimensionality of anisotropic random graphs
Mezuman Leanne 2017 S. Yakovenko Classification of non-Fuchsian linear differential equations
Levkovich Neta 2017 E. Segal Detection of correlations between microbiome strains and resulting human phenotypes
Leshkowitz Maya 2017 O. Goldreich On round complexity and randomness complexity in interactive proofs
Klein Jennifer 2017 D. Peleg Let there be light: Empowering robot swarms
Yarom Michal 2016 M. Irani Temporal-Needle: a view-invariant and appearance-invariant video descriptor
Kezurer Itay 2016 Y. Lipman Tight relaxation of quadratic matching
Eshed Aviv 2016 S. Yakovenko, B. Tsaban Structure of topological groups over metric spaces
Valansi Jordan 2016 O. Shamir Multi-player Multi Armed Bandit
Dagmi Or 2016 Z. Brakerski More efficient circuit obfuscation in challenging security models
Teichner Lee Abe 2016 I. Dinur Low-degree decoders with sub-constant robust list-decoding soundness for all coordinates
Cohavi Keren 2016 S. Dobzinski Reductions in algorithmic mechanism design and their applications
Himlich Shtacher Idan 2016 D. Harel Crowd programming for reactive systems
Abu Rmaileh Lubna 2016 V. Rom-Kedar Characterizing islands in area-preserving maps
Marcus Neta 2016 D. Peleg Two-party games on graphs: the domination game and the independence game
Gutman Masha 2015 A. Shamir Improved top-down techniques in differential cryptanalysis
Granot Elad 2015 M. Irani Inferring missing Z-Axis resolution from high-resolution X-Y slices
Mor Ami 2015 S. Dobzinski Three problems in submodular optimization
Amir Tal 2015 R. Basri Multi-view structure from motion using rank-constrained optimization
Lotan Or 2015 M. Irani Needle-Match: Reliable Patch Matching under High Uncertainty
Shaviv Ary 2015 M. Gorelik On the correspondence of affine generalized root systems and symmetrizable affine Kac-Moody superalgebras
Shwartz Ofer 2015 B. Nadler Computing the large entries of a sparse covariance matrix in sub-linear time
Tanny Shira 2015 S. Yakovenko Local Weyl equivalence of higher order Fuchsian equations
Vainberg Slutskin Ilya 2015 E. Segal Unraveling grammatical rules of gene expression regulation by systematic sequence manipulations of 3' UTRs
Lifshitz Aviezer 2015 A. Tanay Assessment of tumor samples heterogeneity using DNA methylation patterns
Hirszhorn Ariel 2015 S. Ullman Contour Representation: Combining Biological and Computational Considerations
Kakhlon Noam 2015 D. Gourevitch Hyper-distinguished nilpotent orbits in Lie algebras and Gelfand property of symmetric pairs
Atzmon Matan 2015 O. Zeitouni The modified branching random walk with random envirnoment
Yagev Stav 2015 M. Irani Software-Based Glass-Free Displays
Maron Haggai 2015 A. Levin A passive 8D display: Light and viewpoint sensitive display of 3D content
Kukliansky Doron 2015 O. Shamir Attribute efficient linear regression with data-dependent sampling
Meir Omer 2015 R. Basri A multiscale variable-grouping framework for MRF energy minimization
Cohen Nadav 2015 A. Tanay Biclustering single cell RNA-sequencing data
Libman Eliahu 2015 Y. Lipman Average shape co-registration and foreground-background motion segmentation under a bounded distortion model
Shikhelman Clara 2015 E. Friedgut Thresholds of monotone properties with small minterms
Loewenthal Noa Dina 2015 R. Krauthgamer Exploiting temporal information for detecting communities in social networks
Aharon Inbar 2015 Y. Lipman Two-layer Alignment between Images
Ziv Asaf 2015 M. Naor Primary-Secondary-Resolver membership proof systems
Livni Navon Inbal Rachel 2015 A. Shamir Image watermarking techniques which are robust against geometric distortions
Kogan Dmitry 2015 R. Krauthgamer Sketching cuts in graphs and hypergraphs
Ofir Nati 2014 R. Basri Efficient bayesian detection of faint curved edges in noisy images
Wagner Tal 2014 U. Feige Generalized girth problems in graphs and hypergraphs
Horev Inbal 2014 B. Nadler a sub-linear approach
Yogev Eylon 2014 M. Naor Tight bounds for sliding Bloom filters
Nahum Yinon 2014 D. Peleg Diffusion models for money laundering detection
Polak Inna 2014 A. Shamir Using random codes to improve algorithms for finding near-collisions in hash-functions
Kirbus Raviv 2014 D. Harel A computational model of the mechanical behavior of cell division
Sherman Uri 2014 U. Feige A different perspective for approximating max set packing
Waxman Ezra 2014 D. Gourevitch Local fields, global fields, and the meromorphic continuation of Zeta functions
Dekel Ron 2014 S. Dov Tilt aftereffect induced by viewing natural images
Zacay Barak 2014 A. Gal-Yam high-resolution wide-field imaging using physically small detectors
Livshits Anna 2014 E. Domany Analysis of pathway deregulation in breast cancer
Kohen Dovrat 2014 T. Flash
Regev Ifat 2014 E. Segal
Komargodski Ilan 2013 R. Raz Average-case lower bounds for formula size
Porat Motke 2013 H. Dym, O. Zeituni Topics in rational matrix valued functions
Ramote Omer 2013 U. Alon Estimating the environmental demand for genes from their sequence and expression level
Maoz Ori 2013 E. Schneidman Temporal noise in populations of retinal neurons
Braunschvig Gilad 2013 D. Peleg Fault tolerant spanners
Gonshorovitz Itay 2013 U. Feige Reducing the Maximum flow
Gelman Evgeny 2013 T. Flash Solution of convolutionary Blibd source separation problem using restricted Boltzmann machines. Blind source separation of motion data.
Zinger Eldad 2013 A. Shamir Practical polynomial time known plaintext attacks on a stream cipher proposed by John Nash
Teumkin Boris 2013 S. Ullman Body parts detection using reinforcement learning
Talmon Nimrod 2013 R. Krauthgamer Selection in the presence of memory faults, with applications to in-place resilient sorting
Inbar Mosseri 2013 M. Irani Combining the power of internal and external denoising
Friedman Dan 2013 A. Tanay Mixture of variable order Markov models for integrative modeling of enhancer sequence compositions and robust motif finding
Inbal Rika 2013 R. Krauthgamer Mimicking networks and succinct representations of terminal cuts
Daon Yair 2013 S. Omri Bernoullicity of equilibrium measures on countable Markov shifts
Hermon Jonathan 2013 I. Benjamini The Social Network Model
Chen Jun 2013 I. Benjamini, G. Kozma A class of multi-particle reinforced interacting random walk
Gur Tom 2013 R. Raz Arthur-Merlin streaming complexity
David Roee 2013 U. Feige Finding planted colorings in random geometric graphs
Lubling Yaniv 2013 A. Tanay Exploring the organization of the mouse genome in the nucleus on a single-cell level
Moscovich Eiger Amit 2013 B.Nadler Theory and applications
Arbitman Alina 2012 U. Feige Planted random 3SAT with a small fraction of 1-clauses
Bartal Ofer 2012 R. Basri Photometric stereo with unknown lighting and specular reflectance
Douek Yehonatan 2012 E. Shapiro Bio-computers which operate in living cells for smart diagnosis and treatment
Dvir Shlomi 2012 E. Segal Unraveling the effect of 5'UTR sequences on protein expression in yeast
Eitan Nir 2012 D. Harel Adaptive behavioral programming
Factor Alon 2012 M. Irani Visual inference by collaborative composition using the "wisdom of crowds of images"
Finucane Hilary Kiyo 2012 I. Dinur Gap amplification-based constructions of locally testable codes and low-locality and low-degree cryptography
Ganor Anat 2012 R. Raz Efficient communication
Goldberg Lior 2012 V. Berkovich Extensions of Wythoff's game
Hafets Ora 2012 E. Segal Promoter activity in S. cerevisiae maintains proportionality under different growth conditions
Katz Guy 2012 D. Harel Non-intrusive repair of behavioral programs
Klots Michael 2012 S. Ullman Context-free detection and classification of minimal recognizable images and configurations
Meir Moran 2012 R. Basri fibers, blood vessels and neurons
Reznik Aviv 2012 O. Goldreich Finding k-paths in cycle-free graphs
Sherman Dana 2012 D. Harel Computer Modeling of the vibrissa sensorimotor system in rats
Zondiner Tamar 2012 R. Krauthgamer Eliminating steiner vertices in graph metrics
Kor Liah 2011 D. Peleg Time and communication for distributed verification
Kolc Mary Elizabeth 2011 S. Ullman Determining head orientation and gaze direction from single images
Rothblum Ron 2011 O. Goldreich On homomorphic encryption and enhanced trapdoor permutations
Shahar Oded 2011 M. Irani Space-time super-resolution from a single video
Tamuz Omer 2011 E. Mossel Estimation in modern contexts
Shimon Hila 2011
Yaari Yariv 2011 I. Benjamini Estimation in modern contexts
Yankielowicz Keren Leeat 2011 E. Segal Exploring the relationship between transcriptional control and metabolic network structure in Saccharomycescerevisiae
Birnbaum Aharon 2011 B. Nadler Eigenvector estimates in sparse PCA- a correlation approach
Benditkis Sergey 2011 D.Novikov On the number of zeroes of iterated integrals
Berkowitz Kalman 2011 S. Ullman Combining Top-Down and Bottom-Up methods in the segmentation of a clothed torso in images
Gispan Ariel 2011
Huberman David 2011 S. Ullman Detection of minimal recognizable parts
Levy Ran 2011 G. Schechtman Stabilizing isomorphisms from lp (l 2) into L p
Manber Shelly 2011 S. Gelbart An elementary and computational approach to Heegner points
Nissim Amir 2011 D. Harel Combining behavioral programming and fuzziness for hybrid control systems
Segal Barak 2011 E. Segal Controlling cell to cell expression variability by DNA sequence
Oded Noa 2011 A. Tanay Models for comparative epigenomics and their applications to the evolution of polycomb recruiting elements in drosophila embryos
Patish Uri 2011 S. Ullman Classifying images by semantic knowledge
Chapal Ilani Noa 2011 E. Shapiro Quantifying the ability to reconstruct a cell-lineage tree using microsatellite mutations and characterizing their mutation rates by tracking cell divisions
Batenkov Dmitry 2010 Y. Yomdin Algebraic reconstruction of geometric models from integral measurements
Arbitman Yuriy 2010 M. Naor Efficient dictionary data structures based on cuckoo hashing
Arkind Noaz 2010 B. Nadler Parametric joint detection-estimation of the number of sources in array processing
Berger Tal 2010 D. Harel Superstep reuse during smart play-out of reactive systems
Brostovski Ori 2010 M. Irani Detecting the Common
Gat Eran 2010 S. Goldwasser On the canonization of probabilistic algorithms
Hodis Eran 2010 E. Segal Divergent gene regulation and Overlapping codes in protein-coding sequences
Josef Shlomo 2010 U. Feige Local algorithms for the maximum directed cut problem
Kenigsberg Ephraim 2010 A. Tanay Testing the selection hypothesis for the nucleosome positioning sequence
Dinur Itai 2010 A. Shamir New methods of cryptanalysis
Landan Gilad 2010 A. Tanay Functional enhancers at the gene-poor 8q24 cancer-linked locus epigenetic switching in immortalized fibroblast culture
Levo Michal 2010 E. Segal Transcriptional lego- from promoter building blocks, mediating nucleosomes and transcription factors binding, to expression
Mazor Elad 2010 E. Segal High-throughput measurement of RNA secondary structure
Mazor Yair 2010 E. Shapiro DNA libraries construction via DNA editing- design and planning
Mendelson-Cohen Netta 2010 A. Tanay DNA methylation and the evolution of CpGs in the human genome
Novikov Sergey 2010 O. Reingold On derandomized direct product theorems
Orenshtein Tal 2010 G. Kozma & B. Tsaban Global Topological properties and convergence of real functions
Ozana Eilam Shira 2010 S. Ullman H. Slovin development of an image identification decoder for voltage-sensitive dye signal in early visual cortex of fixating monkeys
Stern Shani 2010 A. Tanay A computational model for prediction of polycomb recruitment elements in fruit flies embryos
Shinkar Igor 2010 I. Dinur Intersecting families, independent sets and coloring of certain graph products
Talgam-Cohen Inbal 2010 U. Feige A direct reduction from k-player to 2-player Nash Equilibrium
Tzur Yoav 2010 O. Goldreich Notions of weak pseudorandomness and GF(2n)- polynomials
Avigad Lidor 2010 O. Goldreich On the lowest level of query complexity in testing graph properties
Chechik Shiri 2009 D. Peleg Fault-tolerant structures in graphs
Kantor Amir 2009 D. Harel Foundations of scenario-based modeling
Lubliner Shai 2009 E. Segal New algorithms for motif finding and for genome-wide prediction of nucleosome occupancy
Manor Ohad 2009 E. Segal Studying the relations between microRNA and mRNA expression profiles in hESCs
Dubey Chandan 2009 U. Feige On bandwidth approximation on graphs
Efremenko Klim 2009 O. Reingold How well do random walks parallelize?
Frumkin Dmitry 2009 A.Shamir The security of RFID tag identification schemes
Gilat Tom 2009 Z. Artstein Periodic solutions to long run average optimization problems - existence proof for a specific example
Granot-Atedgi Einat 2009 E. Schneidman Stimulus-dependent maximum entropy models and decoding of naturalistic movies form large populations of retinal neurons
Halprin Ran 2009 M. Naor Using human play to enhance robust pseudo-random generators
Kadmiel Omer 2009 A. Shamir Multivariate cryptography - a univariate approach
Kaminka Yuval 2009 S. Ullman, E. Schneidman Error correction and prediction in a model of the feedback projection from the primary visual cortex to the lateral geniculate nucleus
Lakritz Adi 2009 E. Schneidman Individual learning and collective behavior in models of group swarming
Malev Sergey 2009 D. Novikov Linear estimate for the number of zeros of Abelian integrals
Rosenfeld Menachem 2009 B. Nadler Semi-supervised classification with class-dependent parameters
Shafrir Doron 2009 A.Joseph Duality of orbits and invariants in representations of Lie algebras
Zeldin Maria 2009 S. Ullman Combining skin color and segmentation to detect people in images
Noor Elad 2009
Bagon Shai 2008 M. Irani What is a good image segment? Currently at: PhD student, Weizmann Inst., Rehovot
Adjiashvili David 2008 D. Peleg Equal-area locus-based convex polygon decomposition
Baruch Leehod 2008 E. Shapiro, Eran Segal Empirical evidence and implications of the chemoaffinity hypothesis
Eiger Dror 2008 S. Goldwasser Proactive secret sharing with partial erasures Currently at: Google, Tel Aviv
Ettinger Boris 2008 E. Titi Global existence and uniqueness of weak solutions of the three dimensional Euler equations with helical symmetry
Ganmor Elad 2008
Kleinbort Asaf 2008 D. Harel An LSC compiler
Kol Gillat 2008 M. Naor Games for exchanging information
Kramer Tal 2008 O. Reingold On the universality of bit fixing sources
Kritchman Shira 2008 B. Nadler Determining the number of components in a factor model from limited noisy data
Meir Or 2008 O. Goldreich Combinatorial construction of locally testable codes
Peled (Hadad) Udi 2008 A. Fraenkel, A. Regev Polynomializing hard sequences using surrogate sequences
Poupko Ouri 2008 D. Harel Specifying and executing web service choreography using live sequence charts
Rabani Michal 2008 E. Segal A Probabilistic model for identifying RNA motifs in unaligned sequences
Samet Nadav 2008 G. Schechtman, B.Tsaban Ramsey theory of open covers Currently at: Google, Mountain View, California
Shellef Eric 2008 I. Benjamini Random interacting particle systems
Sheffet Or 2007 O. Goldreich Reducing the randomness complexity of property testing with an emphasis on testing bipartiteness
Gordon Michal 2007 S. Ullman Improving performance and applying cascades in visual classification
Tsur Gilad 2007 O. Goldreich Polylogarithmic time and query complexity
Ronen Jonathan 2007 Z. Artstein Linear Feedback Stabilization of Controlled Switched Systems
Admanit Yishai 2007 E. Shapiro, E. Segal Advanced algorithms for inferring cell lineage trees
Barhum Kfir 2007 O. Goldreich Approximating averages of geometrical and combinatorial quantities
Barkan Gilad 2007 R. Basri Segmentation-based long range motion estimation Currently at: Rad Vision
Izkovsky Roey 2007 I. Benjamini The tale of two phase transitions
Bright Ido 2007 T. Flash Motion planning through optimization
Maoz Hillel 2007 M. Naor An n 2/5 upper bound for the greedy diameter of general graphs Currently at: Google, Tel Aviv
Meirovich Yaron 2007 T. Flash Kinematic analyses of the Israeli sign language
Merom Ron 2007 D. Harel Distributed collaborative play-out of live sequence charts
Oren Yossef 2007 A. Shamir Remote power analysis of RFID tags Currently at: Tel-Aviv University
Peled Tomer 2007 R. Basri Towards segmentation-based scene understanding Currently at: Elbit Systems Electro-optics-Elop Ltd.
Field Yair 2007 E. Segal In-silico study of chromatin structure
Raveh Barak 2007 R. Basri Rediscovering secondary structures by searching for repetitive patterns in graphs of protein folds Currently at: PhD student, Hebrew University
Segev Gil 2007 V. Katsnelson Tight bounds for unconditional authentication protocols in the manual channel and shared key models
Ruinskiy Dima 2007 A. Shamir The security of cryptosystems based on combinatorial groups Currently at: Intel, Haifa
Sadka Tali 2007 E. Segal A thermodynamic approach
Binyamini Gal 2007 A. Joseph Semi-invariants for biparabolic (Seaweed) algebras
Sarig Niv Moshe 2007 Y. Yomdin Robust reconstruction of nonlinear model parameters from measurement data
Reif Shifra 2007 M. Gorelik On simplicity of W-algebras Wk (SI(2|n),f theta)
Segall Itai 2007 D. Harel Mutual usage of scenario-based programming and AI planning
Arie-Nachimson Mica 2007 R. Basri Multiview object detection using a probabilistic 3D class model
Shahmoon Shahar 2007 E. Segal Inferring regulator activity levels in transcription systems
Efrima Asaf 2006 D. Peleg Algorithms for partitioning swarms of autonomous mobile robots Currently at: Sagarmatha Ltd
Eyal Erez 2006 A. Brandt, H. Degani A tool for dynamic imaging
Fuks Garold 2006 E. Domany Predication of outcome of breast cancer at the time of diagnosis
Gradwohl Ronen 2006 O. Reingold Protocols of selection and constructions of dispersers
Forkosh Oren 2006 R. Basri Hierarchical mixture model construction using the remix algorithm Currently at: PhD student, Weizmann Inst. Rehovot
Hegaze Mohamed 2006 S. Ullman Efficient similarity computation with variable neighborhood size in high-dimensional spaces
Klein Uri 2006 S. Ullman A neurobiological feature hierarchies extraction network model for object classification Currently at: PhD Candidate, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University.
Linshiz(Tal) Jasmine 2006 Z. Artstein, E. Titi analysis and numerics
Maizels Aviad 2006 A. Shamir Differential error correcting codes
Marko Sharon 2006 R. Raz Distance approximation in bounded-degree and general sparse graphs
Meoded Yaniv 2006 A. Regev Balanced tableaux
Tirosh Itay 2006 N. Barkai Evolution of gene expression in related yeast species
Perry Meital 2006 T. Flash Noise models for simple and complex reaching movements
Yehudayoff Amir 2006 R. Raz Arithmetic Circuits and Formulas
Rothblum Guy 2006 M. Naor The complexity of online memory checking
Segev Idith 2006 V. Katsnelson The Hawaiian conjecture
Shpigelmacher Michael 2006 T. Flash Directional-geometrical approach to via - point movement
Gourevitch Dmitry 2006 S. Gelbart, J. Bernstein Schwartz functions on Nash manifolds
Sokolovsky Alexander 2006 R. Raz, A. Shpilka From derandomized affine homomorphism testing to derandomized homomorphism testing
Trayambaka Nath Karra 2006 T. Flash
Yadin Ariel 2006 I. Benjamini Random Graph-Homomorphisms, Random-Graph Properties and Random Walks
Zarkhi Shlomit 2006 Z. Artstein, E. Titi On two-player zero-sum games with information
Barliya Avi 2006 T.Flash An analytic approach
Dinerstein Michael 2006 S. Ullman Classification and reconstruction using binocular features
Haviv Dvir 2006 Y. Yomdin Model-based representation of generic singularities of surfaces
Barenholz Uri 2006 D. Peleg, U. Feige Achieving a better approximation for min-sum vertex cover
Blank Moshe 2006 M. Irani Actions as space-time shapes
Brand Michael 2006 Y. Kannai The utilitarian solution revisited
Deitch Ronen 2006 R. Basri, M.Galun Image denoising via non-convex minimization with multigrid Currently at: Ioimage Ltd
Dvir Zeev 2006 R. Raz Derandomization Techniques in Computer Science
Barak Dan 2005 D. Harel Horizontal scale-up and transition to design in scenario-based programming Currently at: CEO & Co-Founder of Bloggers Base
Ben-Dor Uri 2005 E. Shapiro Compiling medical knowledge into molecular automata Currently at: HP Software R&D
Etin Alexey 2005 A.Pnueli Parameterized SPL compiler
Cohen Daniel 2005 Y. Yomdin Some quantitative results in singularity theory
Gabizon Ariel 2005 R. Raz Deterministic extraction and other problems relating to weak random sources Currently at: Department of Computing Science, Simon Fraser Univesity, Vancouver
Benenson Yaakov 2005
Gendelman Ilan 2005 T. Flash Model-based control for an octopus arm
Gordin Ira 2005 A. Pnueli Binary code validation tool (CVT/A)
Zahavi Gal 2005 Y. Yomdin Solutions of large systems of O.D.E's as interpretation of evolutionary surfaces
Gronau Ilan 2005 E. Shapiro Computational model for divide and conquer DNA synthesis protocol
Hoch Ya'Akov 2005 A. Shamir Fault analysis of stream ciphers
Michal Igell 2005 O. Reingold On the universality of adversarial bit fixing sources
Haddad Refael 2005 D. Harel Predicting the molecular receptive range of an odorant receptor using an electronic nose
Kantor Erez 2005 D. Peleg Approximation algorithms for minimum energy bounded-hop strong connectivity range assignment in ad-hoc networks Currently at: Currently Ph.D. student at Weizmann
Karlinski Leonid 2005 S. Ullman The learning and use of graphical models for image interpretation
Korman Simon 2005 U. Feige On the use of randomization in the online set cover problem
Lifshitz-Shpringer Ita 2005 S. Ullman Image interpretation using bottom-up top-down cycle on fragment trees
Atir Yoram 2005 D. Harel Object refinement and composition in scenario-based programming
Makmal Adi 2005 L. Kronik Mn nano-crystals - A first principles study
Shlizerman Eli 2005 V. Rom-Kedar
Margel Shiri 2005 E. Domany A method for reconstructing transcriptional regulatory networks
Nadav Uri 2005 M. Naor Fault-tolerant storage systems and quorum system for dynamic environment
Reichman Daniel 2005 U. Feige Improved hardness results for 2-variable CSPs
Saad Neer 2005 A. Brandt Multiscale algorithm for time-dependent one dimensional system
Sagiv Tal 2005 D. Peleg Algorithms for localized topology control in ad-hoc networks
Tuvi Sivan 2005 E. Shapiro Optimization algorithms for divide and conquer DNA synthesis protocol
Makedonska Nataliya 2005 A. Brandt Multilevel Monte Carlo method with fast summation for point-dipole lattices
Ukrainitz Yaron 2005 M. Irani Sequence alignment by maximizing space-time correlations
Shaham Oded 2004 D. Harel On mapping between electronic noses
Vilenchik Dan 2004 U. Feige Finding a satisfying assignment for random satisfiable 3CNF formulas
Waisbard Erez 2004 S. Goldwasser New directions in constructing efficient and secure designated confirmer signatures
Wishko-Stern Sharon 2004 A. Brandt An algebraic multigrid based algorithm for bisectioning general graphs
Nivasch Gabriel 2004 A. Fraenkel on the location of the g-values Currently at: Blavatnik School of Computer Science, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv
Blumenfeld Barak 2004 M. Tsodyks, S. Ullman Functional maps and intracortical connectivity in the primary visual cortex
Emek Yuval 2004 D.Peleg Low stretch spanning trees Currently at: School of Electrical Engineering, Tel Aviv University
Gorelick Lena 2004 A. Brandt, R. Basri Object recognition by silhouette shape
Kushnir Dan 2004 A. Brandt Fast multi-scale clustering algorithm with application on cold and black matter simulations
Zelman Ido 2004 U. Alon Mathematical model for C. elegans locomotion
Apartsin Alexander 2004 R. Basri Multiscale segmentation of independent object motion using irregular pyramids
Bart Evgeniy 2004 S. Ullman Object recognition using shared extended fragments Currently at: Palo Alto Research Center, Palo Alto, CA
Levant Boris 2004 G. Schechtman Euclidean sections of the cross-polytope
Levi Dan 2004 S. Ullman A network model for fragment-based object classification
Barzuza Tamar 2004 R.Shamir, J. Beckmann Computational resolution and tagging of perfect phylogeny haplotypes
Noy Lior 2004 T. Flash Features of human movement imitation
Elbaz Ariel 2004 R. Raz Improved constructions for extracting quasi-random bits from sources of weak randomness
Gilboa Amos 2004 D. Harel Finding all possible supersteps in LSCs
Gordon Dafna 2004 Y. Moses
Katz Natan 2004 V. Rom-Kedar On models for tumor growth with dynamical oxygen supply
Kemelmacher-Shlizerman Irena 2004 R. Basri Indexing with varying illumination and pose
Kharchenko Dmitriy 2004 S. Goldwasser Verifiable encryption for the Ajtai-Dwork cryptosystem
Krieger Dalia 2004 A. Fraenkel a 3-shift theorem
Lavie Ilana 2004 R. Basri Identification of protein residues and amino-acid properties that determine binding specificity of G protein-coupledreceptors
Matichin Rachel 2004 D.Peleg Hotlink assignment in web directories
Mitiaguine Anton 2004 A. Shamir Analysis of neural cryptography
Nussbaum Asaf 2004 S. Goldwasser Huge pseudo-random graphs preserving global properties of random graphs
Ousov-Fridin Marina 2004 T. Flash Gesture language for telerobotics and virtual reality
Peer Guy 2004 D.Peleg memory requirements and time bounds
Segal-Agmon Noa 2004 D.Peleg Gathering autonomous mobile robots with faults
Haitner Iftach 2004 O. Goldreich Implementing oblivious transfer using a collection of dense trapdoor permutations Currently at: Microsoft Research, New England
Inger Aron 2003 S. Ullman Automatic features based illumination insensitive facial recognition schemes. Currently at: Dept. of Molecular Genetics, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot
Safro Ilya 2003 A. Brandt, U. Feige The minimum linear arrangement problem Currently at: Mathematics and Computer Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne
Amit Idan 2003 U. Feige A finer classification of NP-complete probems
Setty Yaakov 2003 U. Alon, R.Raz Detailed map of the input function encoded by the cis-regulatory region of the lactose operon Currently at: Microsoft Research Ltd., Cambridge
Faivishevsky Lev 2003 S. Ullman Efficient object detection and recognition in a directable visual system
Shechtman Eli 2003 M. Irani Space-time super-resolution Currently at: Adobe Systems Inc., & Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Univ. of Washington, Seattle
Chvalevsky Max 2003 R. Basri Bi-clustering of objects and backgrounds for content-based image retrieval
Simakov Denis 2003 R. Basri Dense shape from motion with arbitrary, unknown lighting Currently at: Samsung, Yakum
Filmus Yuval 2003 U. Feige Bandwidth approximation of a restricted family of trees
Frenkel Maksim 2003 R. Basri Curve matching using the fast marching method Currently at: Sr. Software Engineer at Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems
Grinchtein Olga 2003 A. Pnueli Dense-time analysis with fractional adjustment steps
Chlamtac Eden 2003 U. Feige Cover times of random walks and Markov chains
Ecker Ady 2003 S. Ullman Images similarity based on the distributions of similar substructures Currently at: PhD student at University of Toronto
Keydar Eran 2003 U. Feige Finding Hamiltonian cycles in semi-random graphs
Gabel Mika 2003 T. Flash Implementation of the minimum-variance model for motor learning of sequential drawing tasks
Leichter Ido 2003 R. Basri Extending hierarchical direct methods to handle larger motion
Rapoport (Levant) Anna 2003 Y. Kannai Theoretical and empirical issues in demand analysis
Neuvirth Hani 2003 R. Raz, G. Schreiber Characterization and prediction of protein-protein binding sites in heterocomplexes
Kogan Shimon 2003 U.Feige
Joffe Genady 2003 A. Regev Structure of group algebras FSn and FAn
Bernstein Dan 2003 A. Regev The complexity of two different rules for computing characters of Sn Currently at: Apple Inc., Cupertino
Tromer Eran 2003 A. Shamir Hardware-based parallelization of factoring algorithms Currently at: Computer Sci. & Artificial Intelligence Lab., MIT, Cambridge
Goldschmidt Yaara 2003 A.Brandt, I. R. Cohen Adaptive multiscale methods for classification of biological microarray data from multiple experiments
Kleper Dvir 2002 G. Schechtman Haar block bases as complemented subspaces of Lp
Wieder Ehud 2002 U. Feige Offline allocation of satellite resources or maximun edge coloring with a fixed number of colors Currently at: Microsoft, Mountain View
Dovgard Roman 2002 G. Schechtman Simulations of Mahler's and volume monotonicity conjectures
Friedman Jason 2002 T. Flash The planning of three dimensional fully extended arm pointing movements Currently at: Macquarie Centre for Cognitive Science, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
Hassner Tal 2002 R. Basri What does the scene look like from a scene point? Currently at: Open University
Ofek Eran 2002 U. Feige Maximum edge coloring with a bounded number of Colors Currently at: Google, Tel Aviv
Cherniavsky Yonah 2002 A.Regev Asymptotics of combinatorial sums
Kirshenberg Anat 2002 A. Brandt Fast calculation of the attenuated radon transform
Lachish Oded 2002 R. Raz Explicit lower bound of 4.5n-o(n) for boolean circuits
Machline Moshe 2002 M. Irani Revisiting motion consistency
Mantin Itsik 2002 A.Shamir Analysis of the stream cipher RC4
Rahat Ofer 2002 A. Fraenkel Complexity of error-correcting codes derived from combinatorial games
Lustig Yoad 2002 O. Goldreich Security criteria for public-key encryption
Weiss Gera 2001 Z. Artstein Stabilzation via dynamic output feedback Currently at: Department of Electrical Engineerig Systems, Tel Aviv University.
Khristo Sergey 2001 I. Benjamini Gaussian random fields on hyperbolic lattices
Rosen Vered 2001 O. Goldreich On the security of modular exponentiation
Fisman Dana 2001 A. Pnueli Beyond regular model checking Currently at: School of Computer Sci. & Engineering, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Ulitsky Leonid 2001 A. Tal Algorithm animations for distributed environments
Ferman Amiel 2001 D. Harel Two results on One-letter extensions of PDL
Gilaie-Dotan Sharon 2001 S. Ullman, R.Malach Stereo processing in human object-related visual areas
Polyakov Felix 2001 T. Flash Analysis of monkey scribbles during learning in the framework of models of planar hand motion Currently at: Bank Leumi, Israel
Rosen Alon 2000 M. Naor Pesudo-random functions and factoring Currently at: School of Computer Science, Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center.
Koren Yehuda 2000 D. Harel Nice drawing of graphs with non-uniform vertices Currently at: Yahoo, Israel
Borenstein Eran 2000 S. Ullman
Atzmony Yedidia 2000 D. Peleg
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