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Namesort descending Year Advisor Thesis
Korn-Israeli Simon 2017 T. Flash
Sherman Dana 2017 D. Harel Computer modeling of the vibrissal sensormotor system in rats
Snir Ben Ovadia 2022 O. Sarig Symbolic dynamics and physical equilibrium measures in non-uniformly hyperbolic dynamics
Abramovici Flavian 1964 C.L. Pekeris Propagation of seismic pulses in a layered solid Currently at: Dept. of Applied Mathematics, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv
Abuhariri Ghadeer 2018 S. Ullman Inverting Deep Neural Networks
Accad Yigal 1973 C.L. Pekeris Ocean Tides, Gravity Tide and Bodily Tide in the Earth
Aigerman Noam 2017 Y. Lipman On bijective and low-distortion mapping of meshes
Aizenbud Avraham 2011
Akerib Avidan 1993 S. Ruhman, S. Ullman Associative real time vision machine Currently at: NeoMagic Israel Ltd., Netanya
Akselrod-Ballin Ayelet 2007 R. Basri Multiscale multi-channel 3D segmentation and classification of MRI Currently at: Computational Radiology Laboratory, Harvard Medical School, Cambridge
Alpay Daniel 1986 H. Dym Reproducing Kernel Krein spaces of analytic function and inverse scattering
Alpert Sharon 2010
Amir Tal 2021 B. Nadler Contributions to sparse optimization
Amit Yali 1988 M. Berger Approximations to diffusions and their ergodic properties Currently at: Dept. of Statistics, University of Chicago, Chicago
Angel Omer 2004 I. Benjamini, O. Schramm Uniform infinite planar maps Currently at: Dept. of Mathematics, Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver
Apartsin Yevgenia 2006 Y. Kannai Characterization of concavifiable preferences in terms of demand Currently at: Dept. of Mathematics & Computer Sci., Weizmann Inst., Rehovot
Arian Eyal 1995 S. Taasan Multigrid methods for optimal shape design governed by elliptic systems Currently at: The Boeing Company, Seattle
Arjevani Yossi 2019 O. Shamir On the theoretical foundations of large-scale optimization with applications in machine learning
Arkind Noam 2016 T. Flash Redundancy resolution of human arm motions
Asaf Nussbaum 2009 M. Naor Efficient implementations of huge random graphs
Attar Rony 1978 A. Fraenkel Automatic feedback in full-text retrieval systems by local clustering Currently at: In banking, Sydney
Atzmon Matan 2023 Y. Lipman Learning algorithms for shape analysis and shape synthesis
Bahat Yuval 2019 M. Irani Exploiting deviations from ideal visual recurrence
Bai Dov 1985 A. Brandt Multilevel techniques for the solution of inverse problems and local mesh refinement Currently at: Software Engineer II, Become Inc., Mountain View, CA
Bar Noam 2023 E. Segal Mining the uncharted variability landscape of multifactorial diseases
Barabash (Rosenson) Marita 1986 N. Liron The non-Newtonian approach to the muco-ciliary transport Currently at: Achva Academic College, Beer Tuvia
Barak Boaz 2005 O. Goldreich Non-Black-Box techniques in cryptography Currently at: Harvard University
Barenholz Uri 2017 R. Milo Systems effects of gene expression regulation and metabolic autocatalytic cycles
Basri Ronen 1991 S. Ullman The recognition of 3-D solid objects from 2-D images Currently at: Dept. of Appl. Mathematics & Computer Sci., Weizmann Institute, Rehovot
Bazlov Yuri 2004 A. Joseph Exterior powers of the adjoint representation of a simple Lie algebra Currently at: School of Math. Sciences, Univ. of London, London
Ben-Av Radel 1992 A. Brandt Acceleration methods in MC simulations Currently at: Opal, Nes Ziona
Ben-Av (Barchilon) Mercedes 1993 D. Sagi The role of similarity, proximity and attention in visual grouping Currently at: Achva Academic College
Ben-Yacov Naaman Orly 2021 E. Segal Personalized nutrition for normalizing blood glucose levels by prediction of postprandial glucose responses
Bernstein Dan 2007 A. Regev Mahonian statistics on non-Weyl groups
Bialy Michael 1991 Y. Yomdin Topological and variational properties of invariant Tori of Hamiltonian systems with two degrees of freedom Currently at: Dept. of Pure Mathematics, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv
Biess Armin 2005 T. Flash Deterministic and stochastic computational models of spatial human arm movements Currently at: Dept. of Mathematics, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot
Biham Eli 1992 A. Shamir Differential cryptanalysis of iterated cryptosystems Currently at: Computer Science Dept., Technion, Haifa
Bloch (Swerdlin) Naamah 2015 D. Harel An interactive tool for animating biology, and its use in spatial and temporal modeling of a cancerous tumor and its microenvironment
Boiman Oren 2009 M. Irani Inference by composition
BOROSH ITZHAK 1966 A. Fraenkel Hausdorff dimension of sets arising in Diophantine approximations Currently at: Mathematics Dept., Texas A&M University, College Station
BOSHERNITZAN MICHAEL 1981 H. Dym An extension of Hardy's class L of ``order of infinity" Currently at: Dept. of Mathematics, Rice University, Houston
Brakerski Zvika 2012 S. Goldwasser Cryptographic methods for the clouds
BRANDT ACHIEZER 1965 J. Gillis Solutions of equations in hydrodynamics and magneto hydrodynamics Currently at: Dept. of Computer Sci.& Appl. Mathematics, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot
Canetti Ran 1996 O. Goldreich Studies in secure multiparty computation and applications Currently at: Tel-Aviv University
Carmel Liran 2004 D. Harel On the mathematics and algorithmics of electronic noses Currently at: Nat. Ctr. for Biotechnology Information, Bethesda
CARMELI DORIT 1974 S. Karlin Some population genetic models combining artificial and natural selection pressures Currently at: Stanford Research Institute, Palo Alto
Carmeli Shachar 2022 D.Gourevitch On the relative de Rham theorem for Nash submersions and on cyclotomic extensions in Chromatic Homotopy Theory
Chapal Ilani Noa 2018 E. Shapiro Computational development of high-throughput cell-lineage analysis focusing on characterization and modeling of somatic mutations
Cohen Avi 2021 D. Peleg Unique equilibria under uncertainty in games of network formation and facility location
Cohen Gil 2016 R. Raz New constructions of pseudorandom objects and applications to classical problems
Cohen-Sala Nir 1985 I. Gohberg On spectral analysis and factorization of rational matrix functions Currently at: Dept. of Applied Mathematics,University of Campinas, Campinas
Cordova Nicolas 1991 L. Segel from molecular motors to pseudopod extension
Cutzu Florin 1997 S. Edelman Viewpoint effects and visual similarity in object perception as a basis for understanding visual representation Currently at: Computer Science Dept., Indiana University, Bloomington
CWIKEL MICHAEL 1974 Y. Sagher Some results in the Lions-Peetre interpolation theory Currently at: Dept. of Mathematics, Technion, Haifa
David Roee 2018 U. Feige Algorithms for Finding Hidden Structures
Dershowitz Nachum 1979 Z. Manna The evolution of programs Currently at: School of Computer Science, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv
Dick Miri 1990 S. Ullman, D. Sagi Parallel and serial processes in motion detection Currently at: International Summer Science Institute, Australia
Dinar Nathan 1980 A. Brandt Fast methods for the numerical solutions of boundary value problems Currently at: Dept. of Appl. Mathematics & Computer Sci., Weizmann Institute, Rehovot
Dmitry Batenkov 2014 Y. Yomdin Algebraic reconstruction of geometric models from integral measurements
Dolev Danny 1980 E. Shamir A comparative study of synchronization by parallel control systems Currently at: School of Computer Sci. & Engineering, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Dorfman Nimrod 2014 S. Ullman Modeling early human visual learning
Dori Dov 1988 A. Pnueli S. Ullman Detection and interpretation of dimensions in machine drawings Currently at: Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management, Technion, Haifa
Drier Yotam 2013 E. Domany
Drusinsky Doron 1989 D. Harel On synchronized statecharts Currently at: Time Rover, Inc., Cupertino
Dvir Yoav 1994 A. Regev On the Kronecker product of Sn characters
Dym Jonathan 1994 A. Brandt Multilevel methods for early vision Currently at: (Deceased)
Dym Nadav 2019 Y. Lipman Guaranteed computation of geometric mappings via Convex optimization
Edelstein-Keshet Lea 1982 L. Segel Modelling biological growth with fungi and plants as examples Currently at: Dept. of Mathematics, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
Efrat Netalee 2019 M. Irani Beyond the limitations of sensors and displays
Efroni Sol 2004 I.R. Cohen, D. Harel reactive animation of thymocyte development Currently at: National Institutes of Health, Rockville
Elazar Boaz 2019 D.Gourevitch Quasi-Nash varieties and Schwartz functions on them
Elkin Michael 2003 D. Peleg Constructions of (1+e,b)-spanners for general graphs Currently at: Dept. of Computer Science, Ben Gurion Univ., Beer-Sheva
Epshtein Boris 2007 S. Ullman fragment hierarchies and semantic features Currently at: Microsoft Corporation, Redmond
Eyal-Lubling Yaniv 2019 A. Tanay Analyzing properties of chromosomal organization in the nucleus using single cell genomics
Faktor Alon 2015 M. Irani Segmentation and clustering by composition using the wisdom of crowds of images
FALKOWITZ - HALPERN MEIRA 1980 L. Segel Diffusion in unstirred bulk
FARKASH (ROSENGARTEN) SHOSHANA 1977 S. Karlin Equilibrium behavior of population genetic models with partial assortative mating Currently at: (Deceased)
Felzenbaum Alexander 1987 A. Fraenkel A geometrical approach to covering systems
Fetaya Ethan 2017 S. Ullman Learning with limited supervision
FINKELSTEIN LEJB 1962 C.L. Pekeris Transport phenomena in rarefied gases
Firsov-Khanin Raisa 1996 L. Segel Mathematical modeling of events underlying neurotransmitter release
Fishman Michael 1996 L. Segel Modeling of the cellular/molecular mechanisms underlying observed immune phenomena Currently at: Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos
FRANKOWSKI KRZYSZTOF 1964 C.L. Pekeris Heat transport between parallel plates in a rarefied gas of rigid sphere molecules Currently at: Dept. of Computer Science/Engineering, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis (Retired)
Freche Dominik 2011
Freydin Boris 1997 H. Dym Topics in time varying interpolation
Fridin Marina 2010 T. Flash Body expression of emotions
FRIEDMAN MENAHEM 1967 J. Gillis Solutions of equations in hydrodynamics
Frolova Darya 2009 R.Basri Analysis of lighting and applications to 3-dimensional reconstruction of moving and static objects
Fuchs Ronit Roxana 2011
Gabizon Ariel 2009 R. Raz, R. Shaltiel Deterministic extractors for weak random sources Currently at: Department of Computing Science, Simon Fraser Univesity, Vancouver
Ganor Anat 2017 R. Raz Exponential separations of information and communication
GAVRIL FANICA 1974 S. Even Effective algorithms for minimum coloring maximum clique and recognition of some families of graphs Currently at: RAFAEL, Kiriat Bialik
Gaziv Guy 2021 M. Irani Decoding visual experience from brain activity
Gera Weiss 2006 Z. Artstein , A. Pnueli State nullification by output feedback. Currently at: Senior Lecturer at Compute Science, Ben Gurion University
GINZBURG AVIHU 1961 C.L. Pekeris Geophysical studies in the central and northern coastal plains and the western Emeq Currently at: Dept. of Geophys. & Planetary Sci., Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv (Emeritus)
Gispan Ariel 2016 N. Barkai Global analysis of the DNA replication program in S.cerevisiae
Glasner Daniel 2013 R. Basri A joint optimization approach to problems in computer vision
Goffer Gil 2023 T. Gelander On invariable generation in infinite groups and on groups of almost automorphisms of trees
Goldenberg Elazar 2015 I. Dinur Direct products and sums: Locally testing, locally decoding and their applications
GOLUBEV BORIS 1984 I. Horowitz Nonlinear feedback systems with large uncertainties Currently at: (Deceased)
Gorelik Maria 1999 A. Joseph Spectral topics in the quantum and super worlds Currently at: Dept. of Mathematics, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot
Gradwohi Ronen 2010 O. Reingold Computer science and economics in a merged model
Greenstein Jacob 2001 A. Joseph Studies in modules over affine Lie algebras Currently at: Dept. of Mathematics, University of California, Riverside
Gropper Nadav 2018 V. Berkovich Vanishing Selmer groups of elliptic curves with complex multiplication
Gross Renan 2023 E. Ronen Boolean functions and Brownian motion
Grupel Uri 2019 B. Klartag Topics in the geometry of the high-dimensional sphere, discrete cube, and convex sets
Guissin Avraham 1991 S. Ullman Visually-guided navigation using velocity fields Currently at: In private industry
Gur Tom 2017 O. Goldreich On locally verifiable proofs of proximity
Gurel-Gurevich Ori 2009 I. Benjamini Random walks and random structures Currently at: Microsoft Research, Redmond
Gurevich Irina 1994 T. Flash Strategies of motor adaptation to external loads during planar horizontal two-joint arm movements Currently at: Achva Academic College, Beer Tuvia
Gurevich Nadya 2001 S. Gelbart The Theta correspondence for spin7 Currently at: Dept. of Mathematics, Ben Gurion University, Beer-Sheva
Haim Niv 2023 M. Irani Training set reconstruction and single-video generation
Handzel Amir 2000 T. Flash Differential geometry in human motor control Currently at: Beyond Genomics, Inc., Waltham
Harari Daniel 2012 S. Ullman Using motion and internal supervision in object recognition
HARDT (LOEB) SHOSHANA 1981 L. Segel Diffusion processes in structured media Currently at: Bell Communications Research, Morristown
Harnevo Linda 1992 Z. Agur Mathematical models for the dynamics of gene amplification, its effect on the development of drug resistance, mechanism and optimal treatment methods Currently at: Global Medical Networks Israel Ltd., Or-Yehuda
Hartman Yair 2015 O. Sarig Stationary actions, random walks and furstenberg entropy
Hasan Suwan Iyad Ali 2006 A. Brandt, V. Ilyin Multiscale methods in molecular dynamics Currently at: Fritz Haber Research Institute, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Heiman Rafi 1992 D. Harel Randomized decision tree complexity for read-once functions Currently at: Gilat Satellite Networks, Petah Tikva, Israel
Henis Ealan 1992 T. Flash Strategies underlying arm trajectory modification during reaching toward visual targets Currently at: I.B.M.
Hinich Vladimir 1993 A. Joseph Nilpotent orbits in semisimple Lie algebras and singularities of their closures Currently at: Dept. of Mathematics, University of Haifa, Haifa
Hirst Tirza 1996 D. Harel Topics on infinite recursive structures Currently at: Dept. of Computer Sci., Jerusalem College of Technology, Jerusalem
Hoch Yaacov Zvi 2010 A. Shamir Security analysis of generic iterated hash functions
Humi Mayer 1970 B. Kaufman Factorization of second order operators and their applications Currently at: Mathematical Sciences Dept., Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester
Iacob Andrei 1986 H. Dym On the spectral theory of a class of canonical systems of differential equations Currently at: Mathematical Reviews, Ann Arbor
Ido Bright 2011 Z. Artstein Averaging in ordinary differential equations.
Iliesh Alexander 2004 T. Flash Motor adaptation of human arm movement to new environments Currently at: Dept. of Computer Sci. and Appl. Mathematics, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot
INTRATOR YAACOV 1974 A. Brandt Transportation problems
ISRAEL MOSHE 1976 A. Ben-Menahem Static and dynamic response of the earth to seismic events Currently at: RAFAEL, Kiriat Bialik
Ivtsan Alon 2022 G. Kozma Positive speed of tagged particle with jumps of either plus or minus one or two steps in symmetric exclusion process on the one-dimensional integer lattice
Izsak Ran 2017 U. Feige Coping with hardness of optimization problems by introducing useful complexity measures
Jaffe Ariel 2019 B. Nadler Spectral methods for unsupervised ensemble learning and latent variable models
Jaschek Ram 2013 A. Tanay Epigenetics, transcription factors and cell type specificity
Jozeph Shlomo 2015 U. Feige Universal factor graphs
Kagan Jacob 2019 G. Kozma Stochastic processes with translational symmetry
Kam Na'Aman 2007 A. Pnueli, I.R. Cohen a scenario based approach Currently at: Dept. of Biological Chemistry, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot
Kamma Lior 2017 R. Krauthgamer
Kantor Erez 2010 D. Peleg Algorithms for wireless ad-hoc radio and sensor networks
KARAKOSTAS GEORGE 1980 Z. Artstein Asymptotic behavior of causal operator equations Currently at: Dept. of Mathematics, The University of Ioannina, Ioannina
KARIV ODED 1977 S. Even An O(n 2.5) algorithm for finding a maximum matching in a general graph Currently at: Lawyer, office in Tel Aviv
Karklinsky Matan 2017 T. Flash Timing and geometry of planning and execution of human movement
Karlinsky Leonid 2010 S. Ullman Towards the recognition of actions and their components
Kasten Yoni 2022 R. Basri Algebraic characterization of relational camera pose measurements in multiple images
Katz Guy 2016 D. Harel On concurrency idioms and their effect on program analysis
Kelemen Matei 1990 Y. Kannai, I. Horowitz Quantitative feedback approach to distributed linear systems Currently at: (Deceased)
Kemelmacher Irena 2010 R. Basri 3D shape reconstruction with shading information and prior knowledge
Kenigsberg Ephraim 2015 A. Tanay Heterogeneity and context-dependency in genome evolution and transcription regulation
Kertesz Michael 2010
Kesten Yonit 1995 A. Pnueli Refinement and verification of reactive and hybrid systems Currently at: Dept. of Computer Sci. & Appl. Mathematics, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot
Khait Alexander 1986 L. Segel some roles of size and growth rate Currently at: Jerusalem College of Engineering, Jerusalem
Kiro Shmuel 1981 Y. Kannai On the existence of holomorphic and real analytic solutions of linear partial differential equations Currently at: Advisor, private industry
Klein Shmuel-Tomi 1988 A. Fraenkel Compression and coding in information retrieval systems Currently at: Dept. of Mathematics & Computer Sci., Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan
Klimov Alexander 2005 A. Shamir Applications of T-functions in cryptography
Kliper-Gross Orit 2013 R. Basri, T. Hassner Action recognition in challenging real-world videos
Kogan Jacob 1986 Z. Artstein Bifurcation of extremals in optimal control Currently at: Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Maryland Baltimore County
Kogan Shimon 2021 U. Feige Four studies related to sparse induced subgraphs
Kol Gilat 2014 I. Dinur New directions in probabilistic proofs and interactive communication
KOLTRACHT ISRAEL 1984 I. Gohberg On resolving of integral equations with special and discrete analogues Currently at: (Deceased)
Komargodski Ilan 2018 M. Naor Program obfuscation and secret sharing schemes
Korman Amos 2006 D. Peleg, S. Kutten Labeling Schemes for Static and Dynamic Networks Currently at: CNRS & Paris Diderot - Paris 7, France
KORNFELD PNINA 1965 Z. Alterman Propagation of a seismic pulse within an elastic fluid sphere
Kovalsky Shahar 2016 R. Basri, Y. Lipman Optimization of singular values for problems in computer graphics and vision
KRAVITSKY NAFTALI 1978 H. Dym On the spectral theory of the string equation Currently at: (Deceased - 10.3.1998)
Kur Gil 2018 B. Nadler Projection pursuit in high dimensional setting
Lamprou Polyxeni 2008 A. Joseph Some combinatorial and geometric aspects in the Representation theory of Lie algebras Currently at: Mathematics Dept., University of the Aegean, Samos
Lapid Erez 1999 S. Gelbart Multiplicities of cuspidal representations of SL(n) and period integrals of truncated Eisenstein Series Currently at: Inst. of Mathematics, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Lapid Hadas 2011
Lapidot Dror 1993 A. Shamir Parallel interactive proofs and non-interactive zero-knowledge Currently at: Decell Technologies Ltd., Rehovot
LEINWAND SANY 1981 T. Lamdan Automatic design verification and test generation for digital systems
Leizarowitz Arie 1985 Z. Artstein Control problems on infinite horizon Currently at: Professor of Mathematics at Technion, deceased 2010
Lev Bar-Or Ruth 1999 L. Segel Theoretical consideration of effector choice in immunology
Lev-Tov Nissan 2007 D. Peleg Algorithms for geometric optimization problems in wireless networks Currently at: Computer Sci. Dept., Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva
Levant (Rappaport) Anna 2008 V. Rom-Kedar Multi dimensional billiard-like potentials Currently at: Paieon Medical Inc.
Levi Hila 2021 S. Ullman Combining bottom-up and top-down computations towards full image interpretation
Leviathan Raya 2005 A. Pnueli Validation of translation to optimized machine code Currently at: Dept. of Computer Sci. and Appl. Mathematics, Weizmann Inst., Rehovot
Levin Daniel 1999 M. Solomyak On the negative discrete spectrum of the operator Laplacian to the power of 1-V on non-compact riemannian manifolds Currently at: Dept. of Mathematics, Technion, Haifa
LEVIN SOFIA 1980 I. Gohberg Asymptotic properties of Toeplitz matrices Currently at: Israel Aircraft Industries
Levit Arie 2018 T. Gelander Rigidity of lattices and invariant random subgroups
Levy Jacob 1990 E. Shapiro Concurrent prolog and related languages Currently at: Sun Microsystems, Palo Alto
Liao Yin-Kuei 1986 I. Horowitz Quantitative synthesis of with plants under various constraints Currently at: Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, Lung-Tan, Taiwan
Lichtenstein Orna 1991 A. Pnueli Decidability, completeness, and extensions of linear time temporal logic Currently at: Holon Academic Institute of Technology, Holon
Liebermann Dario 1999 T. Flash Intrinsic joint kinematic strategies for planning reaching and pointing movements towards 3-dimensional targets Currently at: Dept. of Physical Therapy, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv
Lifshitz Ita 2018 S. Ullman Toward hand-object interactions in action recognition
LIFSON HANNA 1964 C.L. Pekeris P states of Helium Currently at: Faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew University, Rehovot (Emerita)
Lindell Yehuda 2003 M. Naor, O. Goldreich On the composition of secure multi-party protocols Currently at: Dept. Computer Sci., Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan
Linshitz Gregory 2008 E. Shapiro Recursive construction of error-free DNA molecules and libraries from error-prone components Currently at: Dept. of Biological Chemistry, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot
Linshiz Jasmine Sonia 2011 E. Titi Inviscid-alpha regularizations of the vortex sheets and MHD equations
Litvak Shai 2010
Livne Oren E. 2000 A. Brandt Multiscale Eigenbasis algorithms Currently at: Scientific Computing & Imaging Institute, Univ. of Utah, Salt Lake City
Livne Noam 2011 O. Goldreich From Computational Complexity to Cryptography and to Game Theory
Livni Navon 2022 I. Dinur Applications of expander graphs in theoretical computer science
Lovett Shachar 2011 O. Reingold, R. Raz Low-degree polynomials and applications in Theoretical Computer Science
Lustig Cornel 1990 L. Segel models and mechanisms
Maler Oded 1991 A. Pnueli infinite behavior, learnability and decomposition Currently at: VERIMAG, Gieres
Maleva Olga 2004 G. Schechtman Nonlinear quotient mappings and other classes of regular mappings between finite-dimensional normed spaces Currently at: School of Mathematics, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston Birmingham B15 2TT, UK
Malka Roy 2012 V. Rom-Kedar Bacterial infection dynamics in humans - Mathematical modeling of the innate immune system
Maoz Shahar 2010
Maoz Ori 2019 E. Schneidman Learning probability distributions in randomly connected neural circuits
Marelly Rami 2003 D. Harel the Play-In/Play-Out approach Currently at: IAF
Mehr-Grossman Ramit 1995 L. Segel, A. Globerson Mathematical modelling of T lymphocyte development in the thymus Currently at: Faculty of Life Sciences, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan
Meir Or Shalom 2012 O. Goldreich Combinatorial constructions of probabilistic proof systems Currently at: Haifa University
Mendelson Cohen Netta 2017 A. Tanay Modeling evolution of DNA methylation patterns in colnal populations of tumor and normal cells
Mikulince Dan 2022 E. Ronen Universality of high-dimensional systems
Milman Emanuel 2008 G. Schechtman On the distribution of volume in convex bodies Currently at: School of Mathematics, Institute for Advanced Study, Einstein Drive, Simonyi Hall, Princeton.
Moran Tal 2009 M. Naor Cryptography for the People, by the People
Moscovich Eiger Amit 2017 B. Nadler Topics in computational statistics
Moses Yael 1995 S. Ullman Generalization to novel images Currently at: Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya
Moshkovitz Dana 2009 R. Raz Two query probabilistic checking of proofs with subconstant error Currently at: Princeton University and the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS)
Nabutovsky Alexander 1993 S. Kiro algebraic hypersurfaces, knots Uwith thick ropes and semi-linear elliptic boundary value problems Currently at: Dept. of Mathematics, University of Toronto, Toronto
Nahum Yinon 2019 D. Peleg Power and influence in social networks
Neuman Linda 1979 S. Amitzur Three topics in the theory of non-commutative rings Currently at: EL-OP Electro Optics Industries, Rehovot
NEUMANN LINDA S. Amitzur Three topics in the theory of non-commutative rings Currently at: EL-OP Electro Optics Industries, Rehovot
Noam Kaplan 2012 E. Segal The effect of nucleosome sequence preferences on biological processes
NOVICK-COHEN AMY 1982 L. Segel Non-linear aspects of the Cahn-Hilliard equation Currently at: Dept. of Mathematics, Technion, Haifa
Novikov Dimitri 1999 S. Yakovenko Oscillation of functions defined by systems of ordinary differential equations Currently at: Dept. of Mathematics, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot
Oded Elkayam Noa 2018 A. Tanay Evolution of polycomb repressive domanis and the influence of genomic context  on regulatory elements
Olevskii Victor 1997 M. Solomyak Fourier and Schur multipliers Currently at: Mathematics & Statistics Dept., University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
Orenshtein Tal 2015 G. Kozma On cookie monsters and greedy walkers:Topics in self interacting random walks
Parter Merav 2015 D.Peleg The topology of wireless communication and applications
Patish Uri 2019 S. Ullman Learning to generate models
Peled-Leviatan Sigal 2023 E. Segal, L. Shlush Computational methods for analyzing the interaction of the human microbiome and the immune system
Peleg David 1986 D. Harel The schematology and logic of concurrent programs Currently at: Dept. of Appl. Mathematics & Computer Sci., Weizmann Institute, Rehovot
Perelman Elena 2004 A. Joseph Quantization of hypersurface orbital varieties in simple Lie algebras of classical types Currently at: Dept. of Medical Epidemiology & Biostatics, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm
Perets Gadi 1991 A. Joseph The embedding of minimal primitive quotients of semisimple Lie algebras in Weyl algebras and non-holonomic modules Currently at: Institut de Mathematiques, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris
Pinkas Benny 2000 M. Naor Communication preserving cryptographic protocols Currently at: Dept. of Computer Science, University of Haifa
Pinkovezky Mary 2017 V. Rom-Kedar Particle motion in impact systems
PINKUS ALLAN 1974 S. Karlin Some topics in approximation theory Currently at: Dept. of Mathematics, Technion, Haifa
Piterman Nir 2005 A. Pnueli Verification of infinite-state systems Currently at: Dept. of Computing, Imperial College London
Pnueli Amir 1967 C.L. Pekeris Solution of tidal problems in simple basins Currently at: Dept. of Computer Sci. & Appl. Mathematics, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot
Polterovich Iosif 2000 Y. Kannai, D. Michelson
Popa Constantin Cristian 2003 Z. Artstein Relaxation with measure-valued functions in problems of best approximation Currently at: Deutsche Bank London, London
Poupko Ouri 2023 E. Shapiro, N, Talmon Computational foundations of decentralized internet-enabled governance
Procaccia Eviatar 2013 O. Zeituni Geometry of stochastic processes on euclidean lattices
RABBIE HAROLD 1975 I. Horowitz Design techniques for time-varying control systems with plant parameter ignorance Currently at: NextHop Technologies, Mountain View
Raveh Sadka Tali 2011 E. Segal DNA-encoded mechanisms of transcriptional control
Reichman Daniel 2015 U. Feige From contagious sets to independent sets:The layers model with applications
Reingold Omer 1999 M. Naor Pseudo-random synthesizers, functions and permutations Currently at: Dept. of Computer Sci. & Appl. Mathematics, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot
Reznikov Andrei 1992 S. Gelbart The Eisenstein matrix, Fourier coefficients of automorphic forms, and existence of cusp forms in rank one symmetric spaces Currently at: Dept. of Mathematics, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan
RINOTT YOSEF 1974 S. Karlin Some multivariate concepts of montonicity, convexity and total positivity with application to probability inequalities Currently at: Dept. of Statistics, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Rodeh Yoav 2005 A. Pnueli Methods for verification and validation Currently at: Tel Hai College, Upper Galilee
Roee David 2017 Uriel Feige Algorithms for Finding Hidden Structures
Rosemberg Flavia 1985 S. Ruhman Coordination in distributed systems organized around a common bus Currently at: MABAT, Yehud
Rosen Alon 2003 O. Goldreich, M. Naor The Round-Complexity of Black-Box Concurrent Zero-Knowledge Currently at: IDC, Herzelia
Rosenbaum Patrick 1978 I. Horowitz Reduction of the cost of feedback in systems with large parameter uncertainty
Rosenfeld Amir 2017 S. Ullman Interpreting minimal recognizable action configurations
ROSENMAN MARTIN 1972 A. Ben-Menahem Reconstruction of the seismic source from the spectrums of its far radiation field
Rossman Hagai 2022 E. Segal, U. Alon Clinical data analysis at scale and a data-driven pandemic response
Rothblum Ron 2015 O. Goldreich Verifiable outsourcing of computation
Roytvarf Nina 1997 Y. Yomdin Bernstein-type inequalities and finiteness properties of analytic functions Currently at: Dept. of Mathematics, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot
Rubinstein Isaac 1978 L. Segel Theoretical models for electrodialysis Currently at: Institute for Desert Research, Ben Gurion University, Sde Boker
Sadot-Michaeli Avital 2009 D. Harel, I.R. Cohen On specific and generic modeling of complex biological systems
Sali Erez 2001 S. Ullman Class-based visual recognition and reconstruction Currently at: Negevtech, Rehovot
Sarel Bernard 2008 M. Irani Separating transparent layers in images and video Currently at: Verint, Herzliya
Sarig Niv 2012 Y. Yomdin Algebraic reconstruction of "shift-generated" signals from integral measurements
Scherson Isaac 1984 S. Ruhman Multioperand associative processing and application to tomography and computer graphics Currently at: Dept. of Information and Computer Science, University of California, Irvine
Schrift (Wierzba) Avital 1991 A. Shamir Randomness and hardness of bit-Sources Currently at: ELTA Electronic Industries, Ashdod
Seeman Tamar 2006 A. Regev Superalgebras and Young diagrams Currently at: Dept. of Mathematics, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan
Segal Itai 2011 D. Harel Formal methods for synthesis, execution and analysis of LSC specifications
SHAKED URI 1975 I. Horowitz Synthesis of multivariable linear, time-invariant, feedback control systems Currently at: Dept. of Electrical Engineering Systems, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv
SHAKI AHIEZER 1973 A. Fraenkel Simultaneous approximation to algebraic numbers by rationals Currently at: Dept. of Mathematics, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan
Shamov Alexander 2022 D.Gourevitch, O.Zeitouni Topics in probability theory: Gaussian multiplicative chaos, determinantal processes, and fractal barriers
Shapira Jerucham 1991 S. Ullman A pictorial approach to object classification and recognition across shape changes Currently at: I-Metrics Company
SHAPIRO AHARON 1977 I. Horowitz Synthesis of oscillating adaptive systems
Sharon Eilon 2012 E. Segal Learning the grammar rules by which transcriptional regulation is encoded in the DNA
Sharon Eitan 2002 R. Basri Multiscale methods for efficient curve detection and hierarchical image segmentation Currently at: Video Surf Ltd.
Shaviv Ary 2019 D.Gourevitch Schwartz functions and tempered distributions on real geometric objects
SHILOAH YOSEF 1976 S. Even Linear and planar arrangements of graphs Currently at: I.B.M., Haifa
SHIMSHONI MICHAEL 1962 J. Gillis Numerical solution of the Navier-Stokes equations in order to obtain exact information on the development of the boundary layer and the flow in it Currently at: (Deceased)
Shinkar Igor 2015 I. Dinur Topics on local-to-global phenomena in large combinatorial objects
Shmoish Michael 1996 H. Dym Generalized inverse spectral problems for Jacobi matrices and discrete canonical equations, bezoutians and nonlinear lattice equations Currently at: Dept. of Computer Science. Technion. Haifa.
Shmuel Amir 1999 S. Ullman, A. Grinvald functional architecture and organization of the inter-connectivity as revealed by optical imaging Currently at: Dept. of Logothetis, Max Planck Institute, Tuebingen
Shochat Eliezer 2008 V. Rom-Kedar Mathematical model for G-CSF control of neutrophils level in the blood Currently at: F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. Basel, Switzerland
Shocher Assaf 2021 M. Irani Deep internal learning
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