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Special initiatives for the 2020-2021 academic year

1. Reading Courses

The following reading courses will be offered if enough students express interest. If you are interested in one or more of these - please email the BoS head Dmitry Gourevitch (horaa.math at weizmann) by November 13.

Random walks by Itai Benjamini

Dynamical Systems by Vered Rom-Keidar
Fluid dynamics by Vered Rom-Keidar

Introduction to Complexity Theory by Oded Goldreich

Probability theory by Ofer Zeitouni
Random matrices by Ofer Zeitouni

Representations of p-adic groups by Dmitry Gourevitch

Lie groups by Uri Bader
Operator theory by Uri Bader
Abstract harmonic analysis by Uri Bader

2. Mentors

Every freshman MSc student was assigned a faculty member as a temporarily mentor.
These mentors will meet with the students (on zoom or in person) in small groups once in a while to help the students to meet each other, and "find their way" in the faculty. This is not a scientific mentoring, though you may discuss math and computer science if you wish.
If your mentor did not contact you by October 20 please email Dmitry (horaa.math ...).
Students are welcome to turn to their mentors with their difficulties.
You are also always welcome to contact the faculty board of studies: Dmitry Gourevitch, Zvika Brakersky, Amos Tanay and Ohad Shamir.

3. Meet a faculty member

The following faculty members kindly agreed to meet a small group of students and chat informally:

Irit Dinur, Amos Tanay, Oded Goldreich (only for lunch), Vered Rom Keidar (only for lunch), Dmitry Gourevitch (only virtually), Avraham Aizenbud (only virtually)

The meetings can be via Zoom or in person (e.g. for lunch) depending on the regulations and preferences.
If you are interested in meeting one or more of the faculty members please email Dmitry (horaa.math ...) by November 13.