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Faculty Positions


The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science welcomes outstanding applicants for tenure track or tenured positions in all areas of Mathematics and Computer Science. Applications are considered throughout the year, but for a timely processing of the application it is recommended to apply before November 15.

Applicants should apply by emailing the relevant Department Head: Uri Bader for Pure Math; or Robert Krauthgamer for Computer Science & Applied Math. In case of uncertainty, contact any of these Department Heads or the Dean, Ronen Basri. The application should include:

1. Curriculum vitae (recommended: indicate the names of PhD advisor(s) and postdoc host(s), if relevant).

2. List of publications.

3. Statement of research interests (recommended length: 3-5 pages).

4. For tenure-track applicants (i.e., not for a tenured position): You may optionally provide up to four (4) names and email addresses of references (letter-writers). If you do, these should include your PhD advisor and postdoc host (if relevant). You do not have to include all PhD advisors (or postdoc hosts) in case you have more than one. For each of the names you provide, please state your relation with the letter-writer (e.g., PhD advisor, postdoc host, internship mentor, collaborator, or none). Do not include more than 4 names!

For questions or clarifications, applicants are encouraged to contact the relevant Department Head or the Dean of the Faculty.