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Previous Chaim Leib Pekeris Memorial Lectures


Lecture by: Tim Roughgarden
Lecture title: How Computer Science Informs Modern Auction Design
February 05, 2019


Lecture by: Prof. C. Papadimitriou
Lecture title: A Computer Scientist Thinks about the Brain
February 07, 2018


Lecture by: Prof. L. Babai
Lecture title: Group Theory in the Theory of Computing: The Graph Isomorphism Problem
January 29, 2017


Lecture by: Gil Kalai
Lecture title: The Quantum Computer Puzzle
June 14, 2016


Lecture by: Prof. Stanislav Smirnov
Lecture title: The Ising Model of a Ferromagnet from 1920 to the Present Day
June 17, 2015


Lecture by: Prof. James D. Murray
Lecture title: Why there are no 3-headed monsters, resolving some problems with brain tumours, divorce prediction and how to save marriages
March 11, 2014


Lecture by: Prof. Ingrid Daubechies (Duke University )
Lecture title: Art + : Intersections of Art and Mathematics
March 07, 2013


Lecture by: Prof. Christiane Rousseau (University of Montreal )
Lecture title: What can we learn from the singularities?
March 21, 2012


Lecture by: Prof.Cedric Villani (University of Lyon & Institute Henri Poincaré)
Lecture title: Entropy and H Theorem: The Mathematical Legacy of Ludwig Boltzmann
March 08, 2011


Lecture by: Prof. Doron Zeilberger (Rutgers University)
Lecture title: ...We have come a long way (or did we?): A Redux of Pekeris' 1958 Computations on a 2010 Computer
March 30, 2010


Lecture by: Prof. Daphne Koller (Stanford University)
Lecture title: Probabilistic Models for Holistic Scene Understanding
June 17, 2009


Lecture by: Prof. Evelyn Fox Keller (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Lecture title: Bringing Systems Biology to Life
March 19, 2008


Lecture by: Prof. Stephen Smale (University of California, Berkeley)
Lecture title: On the Mathematics of Vision
May 14, 2007


Lecture by: Prof. Peter Sarnak (Princeton University)
Lecture title: Equidistribution and Primes
May 15, 2006


Lecture by: Prof. Christos Papadimitriou (University of California at Berkeley)
Lecture title: Networks and Games
March 22, 2005


Lecture by: Prof. Efim Zelmanov (University of California, San Diego)
Lecture title: On Large Pro-p Groups
April 28, 2004


Lecture by: Prof. Judea Pearl (University of California, Los Angeles)
Lecture title: Reasoning with Cause and Effect
June 08, 2003


Lecture by: Prof. Noga Alon (Tel Aviv University)
Lecture title: Methods and Challenges in Discrete Mathematics
May 28, 2002


Lecture by: Prof. Richard Karp (University of Washington, Seattle)
Lecture title: Computational Challenges from Molecular Biology and Genomics
April 17, 2001


Lecture by: Prof. Louis Nirenberg (Courant Institute, New York University)
Lecture title: Some Historical Remarks on Partial Differential Equations
April 16, 2000


Lecture by: Prof. Laszlo Lovasz (Yale University)
Lecture title: Random Walks and Algorithms
May 03, 1999


Lecture by: Prof. Yisrael Aumann (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Lecture title: Game Theory in the Talmud
June 01, 1998


Lecture by: Prof. Amir Pnueli (The Weizmann Institute of Science)
Lecture title: Temporal Verification: From Reactive to Hybrid Systems
March 08, 1997


Lecture by: Prof. Robert P. Langlands (Institute for Advanced Study)
Lecture title: Finite Forms of Renormalization for Percolation and Other Lattice Models
March 21, 1996


Lecture by: Prof. George F. Oster (University of California, Berkeley)
Lecture title: Molecular Motors and Brownian Motion
June 07, 1995


Lecture by: Sir James Lighthill, (University College London)
Lecture title: Ocean Tides from Newton to Pekeris
February 22, 1994