• Hila Sheftel, Pablo Szekely, Avi Mayo, Guy Sella, Uri Alon
    Evolutionary Trade-Offs and the Structure of Polymorphisms
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society b , (2018) [PDF]

    Effects of common genetic variations are predicted to push phenotypes along optimal tradeoffs.

  • Hart Y, Sheftel H, Hausser J, Szekely P, Ben-Moshe NB, Korem Y, Tendler A, Mayo AE, Alon U,
    Inferring Biological Tasks Using Pareto Analysis of High-Dimensional Data
    Nature Methods , (2015) [PDF]

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  • Tendler, A; Mayo, A; Alon, U
    Evolutionary Tradeoffs, Pareto Optimality and the Morphology of Ammonite Shells
    Bmc Systems Biology , 9:12 (2015) [PDF]

    Editors Pick BMC Systems Biology:

    "Optimizing ammonite forms

    Across ammonite genera, trade-offs between different shape phenotypes resulted in a small range of successful forms, that could be represented by a pyramid in the diagram of possible shape parameters, with each point representing an optimized archetype.

    BMC Systems Biology 2015, 9:12"

  • Friedlander T, Mayo AE, Tlusty T, Alon U,
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    Science , 336:000036281 (2012) [PDF] [SOM]
    • See also Science Perspective: [PDF]
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    • Genome Research: [PDF]
    • Nature Reviews Genetics: [PDF]
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