Elazar Zelzer

Musculoskeletal development, regeneration and pathology

  • Our main goal is to understand the biological and biomechanical principles governing musculoskeletal development and function, maintenance and regeneration, as well as aging and pathology
  • We investigate musculoskeletal assembly, that is, the creation of physical attachments between components of the system, focusing on the unique transitional tissue of the enthesis, the attachment site between tendon and bone
  • We study the involvement of proprioceptive mechanosensors, which control muscle action, in musculoskeletal maintenance and disease, including scoliosis, developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) and fracture repair
  • By using advanced imaging modalities, high-throughput computer vision algorithms and computational models for analyzing temporal series of 3D images, we study the mechanisms that sculpt the distinctive and intricate three-dimensional morphology of each bone