Program in Neuroscience and Brain Sciences

BRain Sciences @ Weizmann

The international direct PhD program in Neuroscience and Brain Sciences

The brain and the nervous system are the ultimate exciting frontier of science. They underlie everything that is human, including sensations, movements, emotions, memories, language, planning, imagination, and consciousness. As such, a diverse set of backgrounds is required to study the brain and the nervous system, including Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Psychology, Engineering, and multiple sub disciplines of Biology.

The Weizmann Institute of Science has a large and vibrant community of Neuroscientists, and it is one of the leading centers of Neuroscience worldwide. Using an extensive range of models and state-of-the-art techniques, Neuroscientists in the Weizmann Institute embrace all aspects of Neuroscience research – from the study of genes, to the study of neurons, synapses, circuits, behavior and cognition – striving to understand neuronal function in health and disease.

The Neuroscience and Brain Sciences program offers an inter- and multidisciplinary international direct Ph.D. program for the next generation of neuroscientists. The program offers two specialized tracks: The Brain Sciences track, which puts strong emphasis on studies of systems neuroscience, the neural basis of behavior, perception and cognition, as well as theoretical neuroscience; and the Molecular & Cellular Neuroscience track, covering aspects from cellular processes to neurodevelopment and neurodegeneration.

We therefore welcome outstanding students from any academic background to apply to this cutting-edge program.

The direct Ph.D. program lasts 5.5 years, it combines advanced coursework, three rotations in neuroscience laboratories, and thesis research that can be conducted in any neuroscience-related laboratory at the Weizmann Institute.

Note: Students registered in the program are eligible to transfer to a master’s program in coordination with the board of studies and the student’s advisor, and obtain a MSc degree having completed all academic requirements.

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