• Picture of Prof. Yosef Yarden

    Prof. Yosef Yarden

    Combination of kinase inhibitors and monoclonal antibodies for cancer therapy
    Collaboration with:  Julian Downward (London)
    Molecular bases of tumor progression and roles for growth factors
    Eytan Ruppin (Bethesda) Aaron Ciechanover (Haifa)

  • Picture of Dr. Itay Tirosh

    Dr. Itay Tirosh

    Intra-tumor heterogeneity: combining computational and experimental approaches to understand the diversity of cells within tumors, their functions, interactions and clinical significance.
    Collaboration with:  Mario Suva, Massachusetts General Hospital. Sid Puram, Washington University.
    Single cell analysis of clinical tumor samples, with a focus on glioma
    Computational modeling of the tumor ecosystem
    Testing the function of tumor subpopulations in cell and animal models

  • Picture of Prof. Idit Shachar

    Prof. Idit Shachar

    Analyze the pathway regulateing the survival cascades in Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
    Collaboration with:  Dr Michal Haran, Kaplan Medical center
    Follow the mechanisms controlling homing of immune cells in health and disease.
    Determine the mechanisms regulating peripheral B cell maturation and survival in health and disease.

  • Picture of Prof. Michael Sela

    Prof. Michael Sela

    Importance of negligible amounts of a partner in antibody combinations
    An aptamer strategy to target oncogenic signaling in ErbB2 carrying human tumors.
    Collaboration with:  G. Mahlknecht , Y. Yarden G. Mahlknecht
    Synergy of antibodies towards decreasing pancreatic cancer.
    Collaboration with:  R. Maron, B. Schechter, Y. Yarden
    Towards vaccination: Generation of peptide mimotopes specific for anti ErbB-2 monoclonal antibodies.
    Collaboration with:  E. Witsch, Y. Yarden
    Mechanism of action of Copolymer 1 (Copaxone), a therapeutic vaccine against multiple sclerosis.
    Collaboration with:  R. Arnon
    Effective synergism by anti ErbB-2 mAb combinations comprising one mAb against the dimerization site of ErbB-2.
    Collaboration with:  Y. Yarden
    Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) to ErbB-1 and ErbB-2 receptors and their role in potential anti-tumor strategy.
    Collaboration with:  B. Schechter, Y. Yarden
    Synergistic effects of combinations of mAb against distinct epitopes on EGFR/ErbB-1 and ErbB-2 receptors: accelerated receptor aggregation, down regulation and inhibition of tumor growth.
    Collaboration with:  B. Schechter, Y. Yarden
  • Picture of Dr. Ruth Scherz-Shouval

    Dr. Ruth Scherz-Shouval

    Tumor microenvironment
    Transcriptional profiling of stromal cells within tumors, Characterization of stromal stress responses

  • Picture of Dr. Nir London

    Dr. Nir London

    Discovery and design of specific covalent inhibitors
    Covalent personalized medicine for cancer
    Computational ligand/drug discovery

  • Picture of Prof. Sima Lev

    Prof. Sima Lev

    Breast cancer progression and metastasis.
    Signal transduction therapy for triple negative breast cancer (TNBC).
    PYK2 and FAK as potential therapeutic targets for breast cancer metastasis.
    Chemotherapy resistance and recurrence of breast cancer.

  • Picture of Dr. Valery Krizhanovsky

    Dr. Valery Krizhanovsky

    The role of cellular senescence in human disease
    Mechanisms of interaction of senescent cells with their microenvironment
    Cellular senescence in cancer development and treatment

  • Picture of Prof. Atan Gross

    Prof. Atan Gross

    How do mitochondria process stress signals and communicate them to the nucleus?
    The role of mitochondria in regulating the fate of embryonic and hematopoietic stem cells
    Establishing the role of mitochondrial carrier homolog 2 (MTCH2) in regulating the shape of mitochondria, metabolism and apoptosis
    Develop inhibitors for MTCH2 as potential therapies of diseases such as acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and obesity

  • Picture of Prof. Lea Eisenbach

    Prof. Lea Eisenbach

    Autoimmunity and immunotherapy
    Collaboration with:  Dr Ilan Volovitz, Prof. Irun Cohen
    Cancer Stem Cells and immunotherapy
    the role of small interferon induced genes in tumorigenicity and apoptosis
    tumor escape and tolerance
    T cell receptor evolution for immunotherapy
    Antigen presentation by engineered MHC molecules
    Collaboration with:  Dr Gideon Gross