Dr. Sharon Fireman

Dr. Sharon Fireman


Bina—Bridge. Innovate. Nurture. Advance—is a newly created scientific applied research unit. The unit's mission is to create an ecosystem of applicative research at the Weizmann Institute, in which basic, fundamental research ideas and technologies are identified, nurtured and developed into applied projects, which can then be further promoted by the Institute's TTO, Yeda, for commercialization.

Bina aims to lead a change in the field of applicative research by increasing campus engagement, raising awareness, funding early stage applied research projects and training faculty members and students to explore the basic-to-applied science journey.

To fulfill this mission, Bina plans to:

  1. Establish yearly programs that identify and guide early stage projects.
  2. Foster multidisciplinary research projects focused on industry needs.
  3. Cultivate an industry-academy dialogue through the establishment of networks and crowd-based wisdom.
  4. Oversee business-oriented educational programs, courses and internships.

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