Room temperature & cryogenic Gas avalanche photomultipliers (GPM)

Gaseous photomultipliers (GPM) combine a photocathode (usually UV-sensitive CsI) and a gas-avalanche multiplier that amplifies and effectively images single photons. After a series of works on wire-chamber and cascaded-GEM based UV-sensitive CsI-GPMs, mainly for particle identification with RICH, we proposed and investigated the cascaded-THGEM/CsI GPM as a preferable solution.

We currently investigate the properties of CsI-GPM detectors, with RWELL and RPWELL multipliers: at RT for RICH and at cryogenic temperatures, as potential tools for UV-photon imaging in single-phase and dual-phase noble liquid detectors. Other applications are in medical Gamma imaging and fast-neutron and Gamma imaging detectors for homeland security (see paragraph on applications).