SN bolometric light curve and model analysis

A code for a simple yet accurate analysis of bolometric light curves based on the time weighted integral method (see Katz,Kushnir&Dong13Kushnir et. al. 2013Nakar,Poznanski&Katz16Shussman et. al.16) can be found here. The folder includes a Jupyter Notebook titled 'BolometricAnalysis.ipynb' which includes instructions and the code itself. The folder includes a c-based code for calculating gamma-ray transport as well as example SN bolometric light curves and ejecta models from the literature. The code can be run from within the Jupyter Notebook according to the instructions.  

For the Notebook to work, Jupyter Notebook, python, and standard python libraries need to be installed. The Anaconda package is sufficient and can be downloaded here. For running the gamma-ray transport code, from within the Notebook it is assumed that gcc compiler is installed.