AMOS is generously supported by the Andre Delloro Institute for Space and Optics research and the Crown photonics center.

Tne Andre Deloro Institute for Space and Optics research

The André Deloro Institute for Space and Optics Research explores the nature of the universe from the smallest sub-atomic particle to the most distant galaxies. It brings together scientists investigating the nature of light and matter on the quantum scale of particle physics; planetary and space scientists working on an astronomical scale ranging from micro-meteors, to giant gas planets, to supernova explosions at the outer edges of the universe; and theoretical scientists who work on scales both vast and infinitesimal.

The Crown Photonics Center 

The Crown Photonics Center promotes the study of light and its applications. The Weizmann Institute is a global leader in basic photonics research. Photonics has given rise to the discovery of gamma rays, ultraviolet light, infrared light, microwaves, and radio waves, with applications ranging from biomedicine to homeland security, and including computing, medical diagnostics, imaging, on-chip data communication, and laser defense.