Safety Instructions for Hydrogenation Laboratory

Safety Instructions for Hydrogenation Laboratory (Kimelman 559)

General Information

The "hydrogenation laboratory" room number 559 in Kimelman building is designed for special scientific work with compressed flammable gases- hydrogen, propylene, and toxic gas – carbon monoxide. The laboratory equipment is designed to stand under high "explosion proof" standards. There are specific detectors, which alarm about leakage in gas systems, and the presence of the gases in the ambient laboratory air. In this document we address special safety measures that are required in the hydrogenation laboratory, in addition to the regular safety rules for laboratories. 
Read below before starting the work. The responsible personnel:

Name Mobile Phone Number Office Phone Number Additional  Phone Number
Dr. Moran Feller 03-9095822 054-7393827 2636 ,3102
Dr. Alexander Khenkin 08-9470749 054-4408287 2603

Safety Instructions for Routine Work

  1. Do not use/hold in the laboratory, equipment which includes an open flame.
  2. Before inserting any chemicals (that includes gas tanks) or any equipment, ask the permission of the responsible personnel.
  3. Write the protocol of the experiment in your laboratory notebook before starting any procedure.Check the equipment before applying the chemicals.
  4. Working alone is forbidden by the Israeli law.
  5. There should not be any eating, drinking or smoking in the laboratory or on the porch nearby.
  6. Use full personal protective equipment – a lab coat with long sleeves, safety glasses, closed shoes and gloves.
  7. For additional protective equipment (PVC aprons, thick PVC gloves etc.) please contact the Safety
  8. Prevent the gas tanks from falling down, by fixing them to the stabilizers. Any valve of a tank, which is not in use, should be protected by its metal protector. Any tank in use should be provided with a pressure gauge. For transportation use the special cart for pressurized tanks.
  9. For high vacuum operations follow the protocol which is written by the Safety unit.
  10. Follow the WIS instructions for disposing dangerous waste.

Safety Instructions for emergency:

In cases of: gas leakage or a possibility of gas leakage / chemical reaction, which is out of control / visible smoke or fumes / unusual smell / person that feels unwell
Whether you heard an alarm or not you should:


  1. Call the security department center, phone number: 08-9342999.
  2. Call the laboratory responsible personnel.
  3. Stop all the procedures and shut down all electrical devices.
  4. Close all the valves of all dangerous gases inside and outside the laboratory.
  5. Evacuate immediately and warn the people around.

If the actions of valves closing are taking more than a few seconds, evacuate without closing all the valves.