First Aid

In Case of a Medical Emergency:

  1. Call the emergency center at: 08-934-2999 and provide the following:
    • The location of the injured person
    • His medical condition, noting whether an ambulance should be called
    • If possible, the name of the injured person
    • Give your name and cellular phone number / your extension number
  2. Hospitalization of the injured person:
    • The emergency center will call an ambulance promptly upon receiving a request for an ambulance.
    • Injured people are not always aware of the gravity of their situation; therefore, they must not be allowed to walk away or drive by themselves.
    • Following inspection, the security ocer will decide if the injured patient should be taken by an ambulance
    • In such a case, the injured person should be accompanied by a friend or a colleague.
  3. Treatment on the premises:
    • The security ocer will be in charge of the situation upon his arrival to the site where the injured person is found.
    • First aid will be provided on the premises either by the security ocer or by any other qualied person.
    • The security center will update all the relevant oces regarding the incident.