Emergency Procedures

Treating a Physical Radioactive Contamination


  1. Wash both of your eyes in the designated eye washer (in every corridor) for 15 minutes.
  2. If necessary, open your eyes with your hands.
  3. Call 2999 and report the incident

Skin, Face, Body:

  1. Immediately remove the lab coat and/or the clothes. 
  2. Wash yourself for a few minutes with lots of water and soap. Do your best not to bruise your skin.
  3. Call 2999 and report the incident

Needle prick or cut from a sharp object:

Apply pressure close to the wound (encourage bleeding). while washing the area with a lot of water.
Call 2999 and report the incident.

Radioactive Spillage

  1. Inform the workers in the area about the incident, and evacuate the people to avoid expansion of the contamination. 
  2. Call 2999 and report the incident. 
  3. Determine the boundaries of the contamination (with a Geiger counter, if possible). 
  4. Prepare to clean the contamination: Put on shoe covers and gloves, and bring designated bags for radioactive waste, diapers and/or “vermiculite” for absorbing the liquid, decontamination spray and Geiger counter. 
  5. Ask another person for assistance. 
  6. The cleaning must be performed from the outside towards the center of contamination. Exchange gloves frequently. Collect the used diapers, gloves and the “vermiculite” into designated waste bags. 
  7. During all cleaning stages measure the spillage area with Geiger counter, in the present of another person. 
  8. At the end of the process, wash your hands with water and soap.