Welcome to the Cell Architecture Lab of Emmanuel Levy

In a single yeast cell, the protein machinery is made of an estimated 50,000,000 protein molecules. Understanding how these proteins are organized in space and time with respect to each other to bring about life is a tremendous challenge central to biology, and at the core of our research.

In order to understand principles of protein organization inside cells, we use both in vivo and in silico approaches. These involve biochemistry, protein engineering, genetics, high-throughput screens, as well as in silico analyses of biological data - in particular of structural and network data.

Ultimately, new knowledge on principles of protein organization will be used to bring cells in diseased state back to a normal state.

We seek motivated and creative students and post-docs with a chemistry, biology, and/or quantitative background (physics/computer science). If you are interested to join the group, please get in touch and do explain your motivation.

Video presentation of the lab